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We offer a selection of five models of planetary drive augers drive units to match the size and flow range of your machine. Choose from 2" hex or 2-9/16 round output shafts for most models and a full line of auger bits to meet your job requirements.

Our most popular style of auger.  HDP style augers are recommended for moderate to difficult conditions such as rocky, frozen, heavy clay and other compacted soil conditions; asphalt and other hard to penetrate ground conditions.  The heavy-duty cast steel boring head makes penetrating difficult ground much easier than conventional augers using bolt-on style cutting edges. All HDP augers come  with double flighting.

Our newest auger line utilizing a bolt-on tooth system and a heavy-duty fabricated boring head has become extremely popular for the economy buyer. The augers are designed with 1/2 in. thick shank plates which the teeth bolt onto. The pilot is cast steel as is the drive lug it attaches to. All teeth are forged and heat treated for maximum wearability. All bolts and nuts are self- locking and torqued to manufacturer's specifications. HDF style augers come double flighted.

For tree and shrub planting, the landscape contractor's preference is the HTF style auger. The two diameter design digs a smaller diameter hole for fertilizer or mulch mixture underneath the root ball. The larger diameter hole should be sized to provide proper clearance between the side walls of the  hole and the root ball. The HTF style auger is the clear choice for tree and shrub planting.