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Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)
1360 kg

90 hp @ 2.500 rpm

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Operating weight 3765 kg 
Engine Type FPT F5H (Turbo) 
Power 90 hp @ 2.500 rpm 
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 1360 kg 
  • Wheel Excavator

    Trenching jobs on hard, compact materials like asphalt and concrete, digging trenches on roads or in areas where movement is restricted.

  • Asphalt float

    Backfilling of trenches and widening road surface while maintaining the road’s original gradient.

  • Wheel Compactor

    Compacting the bed of a trench before adding an asphalt surface layer.

  • Planer

    Planing on asphalt or concrete. Overlaying road, industrial and courtyard surfaces. Maintenance of stretches of road. Restoration of damaged, bumpy or worn surfaces.

  • Broom Bucket

    Clearing yards, roads, footpaths, etc. Also efficient for snow clearance.

  • Backhoe

    Creation of trenches, foundations, drain and irrigation channels, etc. in private or public constructions, both for new or maintenance jobs.

  • Cement Mixer

    Production of cement for civil construction in isolated or difficult-to-access areas, or with limited availability of electric energy.

  • Compaction Roller

    Ground preparation through compaction of earth, gravel, sand, etc.

  • Pallet Fork

    Handling of palletizes loads.

  • Hammer Skid Steel Loaders

    Concrete demolition jobs, trenching and general excavation work.

  • Auger Skid Steer Loaders

    Boring of holes in the ground such as telegraph poles, electricity pylons, signposts, metallic frame pillars, tree and shrub planting.

  • Farm Fork

    General farm yard applications.

  • Fork and Grapple

    Mucking out bale and silage handling. Also suitable for industrial applications.

  • Bale Spike

    Handling of round bales.

  • High Tip Bucket

    Increase dump height by 800 to 1.200 mm.

  • 4x1 Multipurpose Bucket

    Applications as conventional bucket, grab for back fi lling or as a dozer.

  • Wide range of Buckets

    Wide range of Buckets for Dirt&Foundry, Low Profile, Low Profile Extended, Heavy Duty, Manure/Slurry, Light Material. Digging, excavating, grading, material handling.