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Max. standard bucket payload
5.4 t

Standard bucket volume
2.7 m³

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Use proven selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet Tier 4 interim emissions standards while also delivering increased power and improved fuel efficiency. The Case 721F wheel loaders feature a 6.7-liter Tier 4 interim-certified engine, rated at 179 hp (133 kW).

The high combustion temperature result in optimum engine performance. The second generation common rail engine ensures better engine control at all rpm. The multiple injection technology delivers optimum combustion control.

The second generation common rail engine ensures better engine control at all rpm and the 100% fresh air input further improves engine output. The multiple injection technology ensures optimum combustion control, while the 1600 bar injection delivers best-in-class torque performance.

The combustion chamber and high pressure injection are optimized to reduce oil dilution. The engine only breathes fresh air, so there is no oil contamination. It also has better fuel compatibility because thee is no exhaust gas recirculation and it doesn’t need a specifi c oil because with “SCR only” there is no Diesel Particulate Filter.

Handling wood, green waste and other fl ammable material can be dangerous and even more risky outdoor. SCR sprays AdBlue (70% water / 30% urea) in the exhaust, it works as spark arrester. In addiction the maximum temperature of SCR is 300°, half of the temperature of a particulate fi lter during regenration. SCR is the safest Tier 4i solution for fl ammable materials.

• 5-speed:
The 5-speed feature enables you to work at lower rpm and fully use the engine’s outstanding torque. The big additional push in 2nd gear is useful on terrains such as sandy soil, where the fi rst gear can slip.
• Lock-up of torque converter:
The lock-up is auto-activated during traveling, eliminating friction in the torque converter, resulting in more effi ciency and 12% more power available for faster travelling. It also can be activated manually.
• Power inch:
With Power Inch, positioning the loader is as smooth as it is with a hydrostatic transmission, but with the pushing power of the torque converter – and there is no roll back on slopes.
• Optimized gear shifting:
PROSHIFT optimizes gearshift timing and engine de-rating according to engine mode, resulting in smoother shifts and reduced fuel usage.
• Extended transmission oil intervals:
Transmission oil intervals have been extended to 1500 hours, maximising uptime and lowering operating costs.

The new heavy-duty axles are tougher, bigger and easier to service with the 3-piece housing design. Wet multiple disc brakes made of resistant sinter bronze are located in each wheel hub and cooled by oil bath immersion. Heavy Duty Axles are designed for the toughest uses, they can be fi tted with solid tires.

With 100% Auto-lock, 100% of the available torque goes to the wheel with adherence, a big step up from the 75% of a limited slip differential! There is no slippage between the wheels and no friction in the differential. The Auto-lock is activated automatically when a front wheel is about to slip, or you can easily do it manually with your left foot.

With open differentials, no friction is applied to reduce wheel slip, resulting in less wear and lower energy losses.

The cooling cube
The unique design, with the fi ve radiators mounted to form a cube instead of overlapping, ensures that each radiator receives fresh air and that clean air enters from the sides and the top, maintaining constant fl uid temperatures. The high effi ciency of the cooling system lengthens the life of the coolant to 1500 hours. The standard reversible fan can be activated from the cab and is very effective thanks to the cooling cube The engine is mounted at the rear of the machine. This, together with the lower fan speed (just 1200 rpm), results in lower noise and vibration levels in the cab.
Designed for dusty environment
The cooling system is mounted behind the cab, far from the rear of the machine and from the ground - away from the dust.

The radiators are easy to clean with the reversible fan, which is activated from the cab. The cube design of the cooling system results in more effective cleaning of the radiators, and additional cleaning can be easily done manually, with separate access to each radiator. The effi cient cube design also results in a longer life for the cooling fl uid, which lasts 500 hours more, so that change intervals are 1500 hours.

The constant temperature of the fl uid maximises its cooling performance and protects the axles, resulting in greater reliability. This is further enhanced by the easy maintenance and longer service intervals. The better weight distribution means that a smaller counterweight or dead weight is needed, which reduces stress on the axles and the brakes.

Don’t be surprised to notice our wheel loader has the same payload as a competitive model of the upper class of weight: this happens because the rear engine position allows to reduce signifi cantly the amount of dead weight in the machine

• Our reinforced cab guarantees protection against roll over (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS)
• Our cab is certifi ed P2 level according to European Standards EN143. It means 94% of airborne particles are fi ltered. For very tough conditions, additional pressurization and fi ltration can be fitted.

Engine noise and vibrations are reduced by 3-step injection: pre-, main- and post-injection. To further increase the operator comfort the rear monted engine is distant from the cab and standard the seat air suspended. Heated seat is optional.

You’ll feel more confi dent and work faster with the great all-round visibility provided by the very low shape of the curved rear hood and the ample glazed surfaces. 17 air vents ensure your comfort and prevent the windshields from steaming up.
Max. standard bucket payload 5.4 t 
Standard bucket volume 2.7 m³ 
Max power 195 hp 
Max weight 14.5 t 

    Case Family IV 445TA/EGE
    Tier III certified
    Selectable work modes
        Max power
        Auto power
        Standard power
        Economy power
    Charge air cooling
    Automatic fan belt tensioner
    Integral engine oil cooling
    Fuel filter w/water trap
    Dual element air cleaner
    70 amp alternator
    (2) 700 CCA 12-volt batteries
    Liquid-cooled radiator
    Non spark-arresting muffler
    Mid-mounted cooling module
    Common rail electronic fuel injection

    4-wheel drive
    4F/3R Selectable autoshift/manual shift transmission
    Electronic Control Module – Programmable, computer controlled proportional shifting with programmable gear selection
    Onboard diagnostics
    Single lever electronic shift control
    F/N/R switch in loader control handle
    Downshift button
    Torque converter
    Outboard planetary axles
    Limited-slip differentials
    Transmission oil cooler
    Brake pedal transmission disconnect
    Hydraulic wet disc brakes
    Spring-applied hydraulic release parking brake
    Limp-Home Mode
    Lubed-for-life drive shaft

    Single lever 2-spool loader control valve
    Low-effort steering
    Hydraulic driven fan
    (8) Diagnostic quick couplers

    Front and rear fenders
    Lights –
        (2) Front driving headlights (high/low beam)
        (2) Front flood
        (2) LED stop and tail lights
        (2) Rear flood
        Front and rear turn signal/flash
    Standard counterweight
    Drawbar hitch
    Articulation locking bar
    Lift arm locking bar
    Lift and tie-down points – front/rear
    Backup alarm
    Remote drain points

    Cloth-covered air-suspension seat
    Sound Shield noise suppression package
    Cab air-conditioning w/heater
    Radio-ready (12 or 24-volt)
    Auxiliary power (12-volt)
    Cab convenience package
    RH steps and platform
    Rotating beacon
    Second brake pedal

    Cold weather package
        Heavy-duty batteries
        Fuel heater
        Hydraulic oil cooler bypass
        Low temperature hydraulic oil
        Grid heater

    Hydraulic attachment coupler
    Attachment auxiliary hydraulics
    Buckets (see page 3 & 4 of spec sheet)
    Loader coupler systems
    XT parallel lift
    XR extended reach

    Auxiliary hydraulics
    Ride Control
    Secondary steering
    3 or 4-spool loader valves with 2 or 3-lever loader control
    Hydraulic reversing fan
    Hydraulic cooler

    17.5 X 25 radial
    20.5 R25 radial
    20.5 R25 bias

    Special paint
    Full coverage fenders
    Belly pan
    Tool box
    Full counterweight - Z-Bar
    Temperature controlled fan

Base & Extended Warranty Coverage*
1 Year / Unlimited Hour Full Coverage Base Warranty

2 Year / 2,000 Hour Extended Warranty at No Charge
Engine Warranty - Warrants all internal, lubricated parts that are captured between the valve cover and oil pan, cylinder block and head, exhaust manifold, front cover and flywheel housing, turbocharger, engine oil cooler and water pump.

Purchased Protection
Purchased Protection Plan is an extension of the factory base and extended coverage available at an additional cost.  Your Case dealer can help you determine the plan that fits your needs.  Plans are available up to six-years / 7,500 hours on Case Wheel Loader models.

*Please see your Case dealer for limitations, exclusions, and confirmation of policies in effect.  The Case Warranty remains in effect during the Warranty Period if the owner performs the required maintenance at the recommended intervals outlined in the product’s operator’s manual and the unit is operated within its rated capacity.  Genuine Case service parts or Case approved service parts that meet Case specifications must be used for maintenance and repairs.