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Engine Power
211 hp | 157 kW

Operating Weight
38,875 lb | 17 633 kg

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The CASE 821F wheel loader offers faster acceleration, quicker cycle times, and higher travel speeds while delivering as much as 20 percent better fuel economy. The F Series wheel loaders use SCR technology to meet Tier 4 emissions standards while also providing more powerful and responsive engines. With full climate control, an award-winning joystick steering option, and an available two-level control system, CASE provides you with a comfortable and efficient cab.


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CASE 821F Wheel Loader

Best-in-class horsepower, quick throttle response and massive torque are delivered by the reliable, Case 6.7-liter Tier 4 engine. Efficiency is increased with the ability to match available engine power with four programmable power modes, while productivity is maximized by the powerful and quick hydraulics. Roading speed, acceleration and cycle times are faster with the optional five-speed transmission with lockup torque converter. And targets can be approached quickly and precisely regardless of engine speed with Case PowerInch — part of the optional five-speed lockup transmission. This unit is also available in XT (toolcarrier) and XR (extended reach) configurations for even greater versatility and productivity.

Get up to a 10-percent increase in fuel economy with the engine’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. And fuel savings can be furthered up to 30 percent with the standard engine shutdown feature — allowing the owner to limit engine idle time. An optional Efficiency Package provides additional fuel savings with features such as five-speed lock-up transmission,  axles with auto locking differential and advanced system programming.

Move seamlessly between the joystick and steering wheel with the optional Case Joystick Steering for high production applications.

Best-in-class serviceability is backed by our Customer Assistance Hotline that operates from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week (except Sundays, December through March).

Engine make / model FPT F4HFE613X 
Gross power @ RPM 230 hp (172 kW) @ 1800 rpm 
Net power @ RPM 193 hp (144 kW) @ 1700 rpm 
Peak torque @ RPM 845 lb-ft (1145 N-m) @ 1300 rpm 
No of cylinders / displacement 6 / 411 cu inch (6.7 l) 
System volts / alternator output 24 volts / 65 amps 
Transmission type / speeds fwd x rev Auto PS / 4 X 3  
Max travel speed, fwd / rev 22.8 mph (36.6 kph) / 15.2 mph (24.4 kph) 
Differential - front / rear LSD st / LSD st  
Axle oscillation 24°  
Planetary location Outboard  
Service brake location Outboard  
Service brake type Wet multiple disc  
Parking brake actuation SAHR 
Reference tire size 23.5 R25 
Loader linkage geometry Z-bar 
Straight tipping load 32,009 lb (14 519 kg) 
Full turn tipping load 27,742 lb (12 583 kg) 
Lift capacity at full height 22,544 lb (10 226 kg) 
Bucket breakout force 40,658 lb (18 442 kg) 
Max dump angle at full height 55° 
Dump clearance at full height 121.5" (3 086 mm) 
Dump reach at full height 38.8" (985 mm) 
Reach, 45º dump; 7’ clearance 64.0" (1 625 mm) 
Max hinge pin height 162.3" (4 123 mm) 
Bucket rollback at ground level / at carry 41° / 44° 
Steering configuration Articulated 
Hydraulic pump type: steering / equipment Closed center pressure/flow compensated 
Steering pump / relief 3,500 psi (24 132 kPa) 
Loader pump / relief 3,625 psi (25 000 kPa) 
Fastest total cycle time 6.2 sec 
Ref bucket heaped capacity 3.44 cu yard (2.63 cu mtr) 
Ref bucket width 119.3" (3 030 mm) 
Length with bucket down 303.1" (7 700 mm) 
Width over tires 113.6" (2.89 m) 
Height to top of cab 135.8" (3 450 mm) 
Wheelbase 131.5" (3 340 mm) 
Fuel tank 76 gal (288 L) 
Operating weight 38,875 lb (17 633 kg) 

ROPS/FOPS cab structure

Tier 4 interim certified
Selectable work modes
Max power
Auto power
Standard power
Economy power
Charge air cooling
Automatic fan belt tensioner
Integral engine oil cooling
Fuel filter w/water trap
Dual-element dry-type air cleaner
Hydraulic-driven cooling fan
65 amp alternator
(2) 700 CCA 12-volt batteries
Liquid-cooled radiator
Mid-mounted cooling module
Common rail electronic fuel injection

4-wheel drive
4F/3R Selectable autoshift/manual shift
Electronic Control Module – Programmable,
computer controlled proportional shifting with
programmable gear selection
Onboard diagnostics
Single lever electronic shift control
F/N/R switch in loader control handle
Downshift button
Torque converter
Outboard planetary axles
Limited-slip differentials
Transmission oil cooler
Brake pedal transmission disconnect
Hydraulic wet disc brakes
Spring-applied hydraulic release parking brake
Limp-Home Mode
Greasable rear axle trunnion

Single lever 2-spool loader control valve
Low-effort steering
Hydraulic driven fan
(8) Diagnostic quick couplers
Split flange hydraulic connections (1 inch or greater)

Alternator and voltage regulator
Electrical disconnect
Electric starter
Front and rear halogen flood lights
Tail lights and stop lights combined
(2) Front driving headlights (high/low beam)
(2) Front flood
(2) LED Stop/tail lights
(2) Rear flood
Front and rear turn signal/flash
Key start/stop switch
Centrally located fuse box with all electrical circuits protected

Electric hood lift
Front and rear fenders
Standard counterweight
Drawbar hitch
Articulation locking bar
Lift arm locking bar
Lift and tie-down points – front/rear
Backup alarm
Remote drain points

Heated cloth-covered air-suspension seat
Sound Shield noise suppression package
Cab air-conditioning w/heater
Radio-ready (12 or 24-volt) with
auxiliary power (12-volt)
Cab convenience package
RH steps and platform
Rotating beacon
Second brake pedal
Joystick steering
External rear view mirrors
Rear view camera with accessory mount
Extra front-facing work lights

5F/3R Autoshift/manual shift transmission, lockup torque converter, PowerInch de-clutch
Special application axles with auto-locking front differential and rear open differential
Cold weather package
Heavy-duty (2) 950 CCA 12V batteries
Fuel heater
Hydraulic oil cooler bypass
Low temperature hydraulic oil
Grid heater
Full-view or ejector type pre-cleaner
Remote jump start receptacle

Auxiliary hydraulics
Ride Control
Secondary steering
3 or 4-spool loader valves with 2 or 3-lever
loader control
Variable speed hydraulic reversing fan
Hydraulic cooler 

Extended reach XR
Attachment auxiliary hydraulics
Loader coupler systems

23.5 x 25 L3 Bias
23.5 R25 L2 Radial
23.5 R25 L3 Radial

Special paint
Full coverage fenders
Belly pan
Tool box
Counterweight - Z-Bar
Fire extinguisher
Spare wheels and tires
Side guards for rear frame
License plate bracket
20 kph maximum speed control

Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine make / model FPT F4HFE613X
Gross Power - hp (kW) 230 (172)
Net Power - hp (kW) 206 (153)
Rated RPM - rpm 2000
Peak Torque - lbf / ft (Nm) 873 (1184)
No. of Cylinders 6
Displacement - Inches³ (ltr) 411 (6.7)
Alternator - Amp 65
Transmission Speeds 4F - 3R
Transmission Type Powershift
Max. Travel Speed Fwd - mph (kph) 22.8 (36.6)
Differential Lock - Front / Rear LSD / LSD
Main Pump Type Axial Piston Pump
Pump Flow - gallons (US) / min (lt/min) 63.2 (240)
System Pressure - PSI (bar) 3625 (250)
Steering Configuration Articulation
Service Brake Type Wet Multi Disc
Total Cycle Time - sec 9.9
Linkage Geometry Z-Bar
Full Turn Tipping Load - lbs (kg) 27225 (12349)
Bucket Breakout Force - lbf (kN) 35338 (157.1)
Dump Reach - Full Height - ft/in (mm) 3 ft 8 in (1107)
Reach 45-A Dump 7' Clearence - ft/in (mm) 5 ft 7 in (1703)
Max. Hinge Pin Height - ft/in (mm) 13 ft 6 in (4123)
Ref. Bucket capacity Heaped - yd³ (m³) 4.15 (3.17)
Overall Length with Bucket Down - ft/in (mm) 25 ft 10 in (7859)
Width over Tires - ft/in (mm) 9 ft 6 in (2890)
Height to Top of Cab - ft/in (mm) 11 ft 4 in (3450)
Turning Radius Outside Tire - ft/in (mm) 19 ft 10 in (6030)
Operating Weight - lbs (kg) 38875 (17633)
Fuel Tank - gallons (US) (ltr) 76 (288)
Base & Extended Warranty Coverage*
CASE ProCare applicable on select 2013 new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.

  • Brooms, Angle

    Clean up with a quick attach Case angle broom. Great for final street repair preparation, cleaning sidewalks, parking lots and streets, and light snow removal.

  • Buckets, 4x1 (CWL)

    Functions as a loader bucket, clam, dozer, scraper and bottom dump bucket. Material spreading -- gravel, mulch, dirt, etc.

  • Buckets, General Purpose (CWL)

    75", 83" and 96" Buckets - For general-purpose applications and light material/snow applications.

  • Buckets, Light Material

    Ideal for snow and light construction materials, Rolled shell for easy filling & clean-up, Full cross member torque tubes top and bottom for long term durability.

  • Onboard Scales

    Eliminates return trips from the scale of over and under-loaded trucks. Weighing "on the lift" speeds operation, enabling operators to load more trucks per shift.

  • Rock Buckets

    Rake, pile and load debris from construction sites, pastures, fields, etc. Designed to hold the collected rocks and debris while leaving the soil.

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