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Leasing Overview 

It's all about becoming more productive—and profitable. That’s what leasing can do. Because you only pay for the use of the equipment, you can reduce up-front payments to conserve capital. Plus, you gain the advantage of working with the latest technology.

Benefits of Leasing:

  • Favorable Accounting Treatment
    Lease payments are shown as expense instead of debt/depreciation
  • Bundled Services
    Equipment, maintenance, extended warranty and insurance in one convenient payment
  • Flexibility
    Extend the lease on your equipment, purchase your leased equipment, or return your leased equipment and lease new equipment.

More productive equipment for less money. There are plenty of ways to structure a lease, too. With the variety of operating, finance and municipal leases, the financing division of CASE Construction Equipment, CNH Industrial Capital, can help find the perfect plan for any business.  For additional information please contact your local CASE dealer.

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