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Why SiteWatch 


  • Do you have difficulty keeping up with machine maintenance?
  • Are you wasting time hunting down machine locations, hours or status?
  • Have you ever worked to coordinate diagnostics on a machine when there is a problem?
  • Do you want to improve the tracking of job costs to be more competitive on bids?
  • Do you wonder how effective your operators are with the equipment?
  • Would better utilization of your fleet be possible by knowing your machine’s idle time?

SiteWatch helps to make fleet management easier, providing measurable and actionable information.  The new innovative solution is more productive and profitable, helping you to build a stronger business.  

Nothing else quite measures up to the benefits of SiteWatch:

Increased production
System capabilities allow you to see which machines are being put to use, and which ones are not. Knowing this information helps you address concerns, making an immediate improvement on costs of fuel, maintenance and ownership.

Simplified maintenance
Scheduled automatic service alerts can be customized at any interval to help streamline scheduled maintenance.  Machines that are serviced on a more consistent basis result in healthier and more productive fleets with maximum uptime.

Reliable security
Protect your fleet with security features such as machine curfew, geofencing and motion detection.  Not only will SiteWatch send text or email messages whenever unauthorized usage or movement occurs, but if your machine does leave the premises, the system can aid in tracking and recovery as well.

Accurate job costing
Detailed and precise machine run time information is provided daily with office software integration, eliminating any need for human data entry.

CASE SiteWatch… available today!
Beginning in 2013, select heavy equipment models will come standard with a CASE SiteWatch 3-year advanced subscription plan.  Talk to your dealer today for more information.
CASE dealers can also retrofit any piece of equipment with a telematics solution and provide you with a subscription to SiteWatch, enabling you to monitor and manage your machines at multiple locations.