Tier 4 | Equipment 


Delivering optimal performance with two proven solutions.
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The new after treatment system is powerful, simple and efficient.
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Lower combustion temperatures while increasing simplicity.
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Tier 4 

At CASE, Tier 4 means more than just an emissions mandate.  Our approach to Tier 4 compliance conveys our promise to keep your best interests close to heart. We chose to go beyond regulation mandates to deliver clean, efficient running engines that deliver optimal product performance in every application.

We provide a custom solution to match the demands of each product line we offer. This customized approach guarantees the power, efficiency and simplicity you expect from CASE.
Our Tier 4 solutions improve your bottom line by increasing your efficiency and your productivity.  You won’t have to worry about power being compromised in improving the emissions and fuel economy of our engines; our technology is designed to keep you productive so you can complete tasks quickly and safely.

Never miss a beat with our reliable and easily maintained systems.  You can count on CASE to do what is best for the environment as well as your bottom line.