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D-Series Mini-Excavators


  • Weight 6200 kg - Cab version with rubber tracks
  • Digging Depth 3950 mm


The perfect equipment for:
  • Urban
  • Infrastructure
D-Series Mini-Excavators CX65D
D-Series Mini-Excavators CX65D
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Main Features

Standard Equipment

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  • Tiltable Cab (ROPS/TOPS - FOPS Level 1)
  • Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Automatic Courtesy light
  • DAB Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Memory card SD/SDHC, Aux-in
  • Electric socket on the roof for Rotating Beacon
  • Windshield washer
  • Rear-view mirrors (left, right, rear)
  • Fabric seat with Premium Mechanical suspension
  • Standard arm
  • Boom Lift cylinder and dozer blade cylinder protection
  • Additional counterweight - Light
  • Air Filter with drain valve and electric anti-clogging indicator
  • CASE Sitewatch and SiteConnect
  • Hydraulic Reversable Fun Drive with automatic functionality
  • Electric fuel refill pump with auto-stop function
  • Servo-assisted hydraulic joysticks with Electro-Hydraulic proportional controls
  • Electro-Hydraulic proportional Swing control
  • Electro-Hydraulic proportional 2-Piece-Boom control
  • 1st Auxiliary (AUX1) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • 2nd Auxiliary (AUX2) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • Digital cluster with AUX1, AUX2 flow settings
  • Block valves on swing cylinder
  • Block valves on 2 piece boom positioner cylinders
  • Electric diverter between Single effect and Double effect AUX1
  • 2 speed travel with Automatic Shift Down (from 2nd to 1st gear if more traction is required) and Shift-up
  • Electronic Proportional RPM control with Auto-Idle
  • Rubber tracks
  • Standard Dozer Blade
  • Operator manual
  • Ignition key, which opens every machine lock
  • Standard LED working lights (boom, right-front hood and cab-front)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Variable Volume Pump
  • Standard Hydraulic oil and Lubricants

Optional Equipment

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  • Anti-Theft
  • Fabric seat with Pneumatic suspension
  • Fabric seat with Pneumatic suspension and Heating
  • Rear view camera
  • Travel alarm
  • Long arm
  • Additional counterweight - Light
  • Additional counterweight - Heavy
  • 3rd Auxiliary (AUX2) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • Grapple provision (AUX3 with flow diverter from bucket cylinder)
  • Direct Drainage to tank
  • Block valves on dozer blade cylinder
  • Object handling kit (block valves on boom and arm, lifting hook and load chart)
  • Steel tracks
  • 6x1 (angle/Tilt) Dozer Blade
  • Dozer Float
  • Extra LED working lights (cab-front and cab-rear)
  • Rotating beacon
  • Bio Hydraulic oil and Lubricants
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication
  • High Flow provision (i.e. for Mulcher)
  • Hydraulic quick coupler provision (Single or Double Effect)
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers
  • Buckets

CASE Aftermarket Solutions

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  • Superior Protection grid (FOPS Level 2)
  • Front Protection grid (Level 2)
  • Arm cylinder and bucket cylinder protection
  • Pattern change ISO-SAE
  • Rubber pads for steel tracks
  • Geogrip tracks
  • Vast variety of attachments
  • Full range of Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers
  • Full range of Buckets


Type KUBOTA V2607-CR-T - STAGE 5
Max. Power (2200 rpm) (kW / hp) 45.0 - 61.2
Displacement (cm³) 2615
Number of cylinders (n°) 4
Cooling Liquid
Consumption (l/h) 7.6
Alternator (V) 12 (60 A)
Battery V (Ah) 12 (95)
Circuit Type Load Sensing closed center system with “Flow Sharing” control valve
Pump type 1 LS hydraulic variable pump with electronic control + 1 gear pump
Pump displacement (cm³) 71 + 14
Pump capacity (l/min) 141 + 27.8
Max. circuit calibration pressure (bar) 280
Auxiliary systems (max pressure): AUX 1 single or double effect with priority (l/min) 85 - 200 bar
AUX 2 double effect (l/min) 60/40 - 280 bar
AUX 3 double effect (optional) (l/min) 37/37 - 280 bar
Travelling speed (AUTO TWO SPEED) (km/h) 1st : 0 ÷ 2.3 / 2nd : 0 ÷ 4.5
Slew speed (rpm) 11
Boom, dipper stick, bucket and turret swing 2 pilot joysticks
Track movements (included counter rotation) 2 pilot levers
Dozer blade pilot lever
High priority auxiliary system with holding function AUX 1 (single or double effect) electroproportional switch on right joystick
Auxiliary system AUX 2 (double effect) electroproportional switch on right joystick
Low priority auxiliary system AUX 3 (double effect) electroproportional switch on left joystick
Boom swing electroproportional switch on left joystick
Operating weight (with rubber tracks) (kg) 6200
Fuel tank (l) 85
Hydraulic oil tank (l) 60
Hydraulic circuit capacity (l) 80
Cooling system capacity (l) 12
Engine oil (l) 10.2


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