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CASE CX210D excavator receives glowing appraisal

CASE CX210D excavator receives glowing appraisal from highly-valued YouTube channel Świat Operatora

  • Published Tue Mar 2, 2021

In the outskirts of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, the historic town situated in Poland’s Lower Silesian Voivodeship, CASE Construction Equipment is helping build an international shooting range complex, intended for commercial use as well as training for uniformed services. Once construction has been completed, the shooting range is set to be the stage of several international shooting competitions, helping attract greater tourism and trade to the south-west Poland region.

Namely, it is a CASE CX210D excavator that is being used by Usługi Operatorskie K&DD Dawid Droździk to support the construction of the shooting range. Working the excavator is Dawid Droździk, the operator behind the highly-valued and respected YouTube channel, Świat Operatora.

“The CX210D has been used intensively,” Droździk explains. He expands: “It has probably worked 10-11 hours every day. In its first month on the shooting range jobsite, it amassed 220 hours of work.” According to Droździk, the machine has been used so intensively because it has such a varied schedule throughout the day. Any day of the week, its activities can include scraping, levelling and clay digging.

Droździk notes that the shooting range jobsite also has specific earthmoving challenges, with difficult terrain being the most obvious example, stating: “We are working hard clay and slate on the site, which can be quite a tricky combination at the best of times. There is also a lot of mud at the top edge of the tracks as well as steep climbs and descents for us to navigate. This is why it was so important to use a tracked excavator. I’ve actually been surprised with how impressive the CX210D’s stability is when working on slopes. Its balance makes sloping and levelling a lot easier.”

Droździk develops on the machine’s performance from the operator’s point of view: “What’s most noticeable about the machine is the speed and precision of the arm. We use a 1.1m3 bucket, and the movements of the arm are really fast, which means we can perform our activities with speed and control. I think this is because the CX210D has well-synchronised hydraulics, complemented by a well-coordinated boom and stick, which makes it easy to tilt in different scenarios.” He explains further: “Speed and efficiency were crucial on this project because we were up against the clock to ensure the site was ready for the next stage of construction.

Of course, there are simple things that we can do to make our lives as operators easier, too. But the design of the machine itself does a lot of that work for us – the cab is extremely spacious, and the operator’s seat is really comfortable. This level of comfort is crucial when we’re operating for over 10 hours a day.”

Speaking at the jobsite, Dominik Ziemczonek, Marketing Manager Central Eastern Europe, CASE Construction Equipment Europe, said this: “We are always happy to hear positive reviews about our machines. But it is extremely satisfying to hear a glowing review from such a talented and passionate operator. Precision, speed and versatility are key drivers for purchasing a CX210D excavator, and it is good to hear that Dawid believes the CX210 meets these criteria.”

The CX210D has left a lasting impact on Droździk, who summarises: “The machine has certainly lived up to my expectations and requirements for a tracked excavator. If I need to buy machines further down the line, CASE is definitely a suitable candidate.”

Ziemczonek has the final word: “From an operator’s perspective, comfort and performance are everything. At CASE, we already know that our excavators deliver these benefits, but it is great to have this confirmed.” He concludes: “We are now looking forward to seeing how the next stage of construction progresses at the Bystrzyca Kłodzka site, and we will certainly be keeping an eye on Dawid’s other upcoming projects.”

We encourage you to visit the Świat Operatora YouTube channel, home to Droździk’s diverse range of high-quality earthmoving videos, for more construction content. You can find the link to the channel here:


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