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Crawler Dozers


  • Power 122 kW / 164 hp
  • Blade Capacity 5.58 m³ Semi-U, 3.15 m³ Straight PAT


The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
Crawler Dozers
Crawler Dozers
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Model FPT F4HFA613M*E002 Tier 2
Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.7 l
Fuel injection Direct common rail
Fuel filter Spin-on w/ in-line strainer
Air intake Cross-flow
Cooling Liquid
Engine speeds RPM
High idle – no load 2200 +/- 50
Rated – full load 2000
Low idle 800 +/- 25
Horsepower SAE J1349
Engine rated net power 150 hp - 112 kW @ 2200 rpm
Engine max net power 164 hp - 122 kW @2200 rpm
Rated net torque 666 Nm
Max net torque  726 Nm
Engine lubrication
Pump Deep sump plate cooler w/ pressurized under-piston nozzles
Pump operating angle ratings
Side-to-side 35°
Fore and aft 45°
Core size area (Water Radiator) 0.61 m²
Rows of tubes 4
Diameter 700 mm
Ratio hydraulically driven
Dual path hydrostatic
Pump Variable axial piston
Motor Variable bent axis piston
Max. drawbar pull* 311 kN
Transmission Single lever control electronic straight tracking
Oil filter 2 micron, spin-on, replaceable
Travel speeds*
Forward 0 – 9.3 km/h
Reverse 0 – 9.3 km/h
Parking brakes Heavy-duty, spring-applied, hydraulic pressure release
Steering brakes Hydrostatic
Final drive 2 helical gear reduction to planetary output
Ratio 61.4:1
Type Oil to air
Core size 0.31m²
Alternator 120 amps
Batteries (2) 12-volt, low-maintenance 925 cold-cranking amps @ -18°C
Operator Environment ROPS/FOPS cab; Pneumatically suspended seat; w/ back adjustment; Seat belt; Adjustable armrests; Foot rests;
Tool storage area; Headliner; Floor mat; Tilting seat platform; Noise Level 75 dbA
Warning lights Air filter; Alternator; Diagnostic fault indicator; Engine coolant temperature; Engine oil pressure;
Hydraulic filter; Low fuel level; Park brake engaged; Service soon indicator; Transmission filter;
Transmission charge pressure
Gauges Battery voltage; Digital hourmeter/tachometer diagnostic/service reminder; Fuel level;
Transmission oil temperature; Transmission speed indicator; Water temperature
Audible warnings Engine coolant temperature; Engine oil pressure; Low fuel level, Transmission charge pressure;
Transmission/hydraulic temperature
Shoe area
559 mm 34571 cm²
610 mm 37040 cm²
711 mm 43831 cm²
810 mm 50004 cm²
864 mm 52782 cm²
Pump flow @ 2200 RPM 137 l/min
Max pressure 248 bar
Lift Cylinder PAT™ nr. 2
Bore diameter 114.3 mm
Rod diameter 63.5 mm
Stroke 428 mm
Angle cylinder PAT nr. 2
Bore diameter 114 mm
Rod diameter 63.5 mm
Stroke 502.7 mm
Tilt cylinder PAT nr. 1
Bore diameter 127 mm
Rod diameter 63.5 mm
Stroke 148.3 mm
Lift cyclinder Bull Dozer  
Bore diameter 82.6 mm
Rod diameter 50.8 mm
Stroke 1000 mm
Tilt cylinder Bull Dozer  
Bore diameter 114.3 mm
Rod diameter 36.5 mm
Stroke 126 mm
Fuel tank 322 l
Engine oil w/ filter 16.4 l
Engine oil w/o filter 15.6 l
Engine cooling system 30.2 l
Hydraulic reservoir 160 l
Final drive (per side) 14.2 l
Track rollers (ea) 0.275 l
Front idlers (ea) 0.225 l
Carrier rollers – each 0.334 l
Track adjustment Hydraulic
Frame Oscillating equalizer beam suspension and pivot shaft
Track link pitch 175 mm
CLT track 190 mm
CELT track 190 mm
Track shoe height 56 mm
Pin diameter 38 mm
Bushing diameter
CLT track 65 mm
CELT track 86 mm
Track shoes per side
CLT track 45
CELT track 45
Track rollers per side 8
Carrier rollers per side 2
Track roller rail diameter 171.5 mm
Variable blade pitch 55° +/- 5°
Lift speed – per second 483 mm
Cutting edge Reversible, replaceable
Width 200 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Max. penetration 570 mm
Width 1953 mm
Cut width 1889 mm
Max. ground clearance 592 mm
Max. number of shanks 3
Tooth spacing w/3 teeth 944 mm
Hydraulic cylinder Double-acting
Diameter 155 mm
Stroke 596 mm
Rod 69 mm

* Measured using standard track chain. Increase travel speeds by 4% and reduce drawbar pull by 4% w/ the optional CELT track chain


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