Work 20 hours a day at the post terminal - Finnish contractor RHM choose CASE for visibility and hydraulic

9th January 2023
Work 20 hours a day at the post terminal - Finish contractor RHM choose CASE for visibility and hydraulic
Visibility is most important to the Finnish contractor RHM Koneurakointi Oy, mainly working with their machines in a post terminal. That why they choose CASE 521 G2 XT.

RHM Koneurakointi Oy, based in Oulu in the northern part of Finland, is working up to 20 hours a day, year around, loading and unloading trucks in a post terminal. Therefore, they need machines of high quality to rely on. Recently RHM completed their machine fleet with the new wheel loader from CASE, the CASE 521 G2 XT.

– We bought the machine for specific use in the post terminal more or less as a forklift. We work in an area where a lot of large vehicles are in motion and we have to make short transitions. That is why visibility is so important to us, says Rani Märsy, company owner. Even travel speed matter, in winter the machine is also used for snow removal, where 40 km/h is a requirement. Furthermore, RHM also rates fast delivery as a factor for choosing CASE.

Before making the order of the 521 G2 XT RHM had a demo machine on trial. That was important since it is their first machine from CASE.
– Without the test drive, I don’t think we would have bought the machine, says Rani Märsy.

Since Midsummer the 521 G2 XT has accumulated 1 800 hours, on a year basis the machine is used for about 4 000 hours. The joy of driving a CASE machine is obvious among the operators. When asking what is better about the current 521 G2 XE the rapid answer is: Everything! I really like controlling the machine with joysticks, it makes my work so much easier, operator Paavo Männikkö explains.

The machine is shared by three operators on the shifts during the working days and the new touch screen where the operator can get full control of the all the functions and settings in the machine and create his own operator profile is important. Asking the operators, they say the most important setting is the hydraulic adjustments, easily adjusted from the touch screen.

Capacity is also important, they are handling a lot of different goods during the weeks, even load and unload large shipments.
– There hasn’t been anything too heavy or too big for the machine yet, says Paavo Männikkö.

RHM Koneurakointi Oy was founded in 2011 and has a turnover of approximately 1,3 million euros. In the machine fleet there are nine wheel loaders, where two of them by today are from CASE. Since the main purpose with the machines are loading and unloading pallet forks are used as standard. To be able to move truck trailers within the terminal the 521 G2 XT is equipped with a trailer coupling. RHM also chose to install a compressed air system as an option.

The equipment was delivered and installed by the local CASE dealer Rentti and designed by RHM.

Except from the 521 G2 XT the company also ordered a CASE 321F , which will be delivered shortly.
– Our experience with Rentti and CASE is excellent, and if the wheel loader is as good as the 521 G2 XT, we will be more than satisfied, says Rani Märsy.

– We are very happy for the cooperation with RHM and look forward to delivering more CASE machines to their fleet in the future. CASE wheelloaders are a perfect choice in this application where visibility, comfort and reliability are important, says Markus Lehtimäki, business manager at Rentti. RHM also bought a maintenance contract and an extended warranty for the machines, and they trust our cooperation and that they can get maintenance and spare parts from Konevuokraamo Rentti with fast delivery if necessary.
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