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Case Construction Equipment in action

  • Published Sun, 2 Jun 2013

Walter Quighuu Huamán works as a heavy-machine operator in the Peruvian Province of Urubamba. Thanks to the Machinery distributor, he is operating a CX240B excavator by Case Construction Equipment.

Those who have the opportunity to visit the Sacred Valley in Peru often have a hard time defining the feeling of being there. Before, the landscape was seen as distant and unreachable. Even if we are able to identify this earthly oasis on a map, it is difficult to grasp the dimension of it until you are immersed in the landscape that was home to the Incas in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Last year, on February 8th, the Quechua settlers that live high up in the Valley were wakened by a strong rain that flooded the rivers running through the mountains. They lost not only their homes but also their farms, where they cultivated corn that was used to prepare ceviche and chicha morada (a drink made from purple corn). Some of the local women's husbands struggled in the wake of the catastrophe and were taken to Cusco where they were treated for depression.

Next to one of the rivers in the area, there is now a CX240B excavator, operated by Walter Quighuu Huamán, who is working to channel the flow of the river. This project is being carried out under the direction of the Province of Urubamba.

Quighuu Huamán feels heartsick over what happened, over the number of people who lost all of their belongings and have to rebuild their lives. Speaking about this, he said: “I have been working between 9 and 10 hours a day. I try not to leave the machine, because I feel that I am making a great social contribution in this area and I'm proud of that. It makes me look good”. With regard to his machine, he points out that the comfort of the equipment allows him to withstand such long working hours. He adds: “Under the circumstances, the excavator is everyone's greatest ally. It allows me to enjoy my work and do it consciously, concentrating on which rock I will move and which piece of the geography I will modify. All this with the guarantee that the machine has the power I need to be able to follow through with my commitment”.


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