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EZ-EH Controls Provide Advantages in Skid Steer Operation

Electro-hydraulic controls, such as those found on CASE Alpha Series skid steers, provide advantages to operators related to control preference, machine settings and operator fatigue.

You grew up on mechanical controls. We all did, and old habits die hard. Skid steer technology, however, has evolved – and EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) controls are available on the entire line of CASE Alpha Series skid steer loaders. These systems use electronics and hydraulics to control machine function, and allow for new and more intuitive ways to dial in skid steer performance to the preference of the operator. Here are a few ways that electro-hydraulic controls help improve operator performance:

Reducing Operator Fatigue

EZ-EH controls greatly reduce operator fatigue compared to mechanical controls, which in turn results in increased productivity and operator efficiency. The EZ-EH joystick is connected to electronic circuits, so there is very little physical resistance. Operation is comparable to that of a video game controller. CASE also offers an industry exclusive with new handles that feature additional “feel points” that respond more precisely in response to the operator and further improve fine operations, such as feathering. By contrast, mechanical controls use a lever that is connected to a linkage and hydraulic pump, so there’s physical resistance that makes operation of those controls more labor-intensive. The more response you need, the further you need to push or pull the levers, which engages more of the upper body vs. the simple wrist action of EZ EH controls. At the end of the day, the operator may be more tired with mechanical linkage.

Choose Your Operating Pattern

The first statement out of an operator’s mouth when presented with a new skid steer is “I was raised on X pattern or Y pattern”. One of the great features of EZ-EH controls is the ability to easily change between CASE H-Pattern controls and ISO-style controls with the simple flip of a rocker switch. This increases productivity, accuracy and employee satisfaction by allowing operators to use the control pattern they are most comfortable with.

Preset Modes Allow for Application Versatility, Convenience

The EZ-EH controls offer nine preset control settings — combinations of three for speed and three for control — which CASE research and customer clinics have shown will meet the needs of 85 percent of operators.

For example, an operator using the skid steer for pallet work in a large outdoor yard might want to select a high speed and high control setting. The settings can be changed in as little as 20 seconds, so that same operator can move from outdoor pallet work to more precise indoor work, for which a low/low setting might be needed, by simply stopping the skid steer, setting the parking brake, changing the settings and continuing on. Similarly, in applications such as cold planing or running a soil preparator where control and stability are critical, the operator can dial the machine down to a low speed and low control setting for optimal performance.

For those who need even more fine-tuning, CASE offers a custom option with the potential for 1,225 different combinations of speed and control settings. Ultimately, that’s the best part of EZ-EH controls: offering the versatility to meet the demands of a diverse customer and application base.

Learn more today by contacting your local CASE dealer.

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