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Kickstart 2018 Winner Digging In

We visited CASE Kickstart winner Austin Kirby to see how he was implementing some of the contest winnings and new learnings into his business.

Kickstart - Tips from the 2018 Winner

Austin Kirby has only been in business for a few years, but in that time he's established a few simple truths about how he conducts his business that helps him keep ahead of the competition. Listen as our Kickstart winner for 2018 details a few of the principles that guide his day-to-day work.

CX57C Evolves Landscape Contractor's Business

Kirbappeal Lawn & Landscape, winners of the 2018 CASE Kickstart contest, chose a CASE CX57C as the machine for their free six-month lease that came with the prize package — the machine has added a new dimension of productivity and digging capabilities to the company's work.

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