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43rd Annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition

  • Wed Mar 20, 2019 to Sat Mar 23, 2019
  • Colorado State University


Description: The student (maximum of one individual per school) will demonstrate proficiency at operating a tractor loader backhoe. The student will be required to do a pre-operation inspection and operate the backhoe to complete three timed tasks. The clock begins. A student operator will remove a basketball from a cone without moving or knocking the cone over (time penalty), the basketball then is swung over and deposited in a bucket. Next cone, next ball, a soccer ball, same exercise. Finally, a softball. Clock will stop. These tasks simulate speed, safety, touch and feel needed on a job site with the use of a backhoe. In addition, students will take a written exam on Friday covering safety, loader backhoe characteristics, operation, and maintenance.

Time: Students will have 45 minutes to complete the written exam on Friday, and 30 minutes for the operational portion of the event on Friday; time slots will be assigned during the event briefing on Thursday based on when the school’s registration and payment were received.

Limits: The sponsor reserves the right to limit the number of individuals competing based on time or physical space constraints of the campus. Schools will be able to compete based on the date their registrations were received and paid for. (Registrations that are received late or have not been paid will be placed on a waiting list.)


Points: 100 possible points for the individual score; the individual score is doubled toward the team score for a total of 200 possible points.

Points will be assigned based on the following criteria:

  1. Written Exam (50%)
  2. Operation time to complete the tasks on the demonstration course (50%)

Students are required to bring the following materials to the event: Two sharpened pencils with erasers for the written exam on Friday. For the operational portion, a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, ear protection, and a rag. Students are required to wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and hard-soled shoes or boots.

Sponsor is required to supply the following materials for the event:

  • All equipment and materials needed for the event for two competition stations
  • Course diagram
  • Marking paint, cones, or flags – course layout
  • 60 copies of written exam and answer sheets
  • Final solution for written exam ready for scoring the students’ tests
  • Stopwatches
  • Sufficient number of judges and event monitors
  • Any other items deemed necessary for this event


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