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Backhoe Loaders

T-Series Backhoe Loaders


CASE T Series loader/backhoes are re-engineered from the ground up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, greater loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.

The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Urban
  • Agriculture

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FPT: a leader in engine technologies

  • Fiat invented the «Common Rail» technology in the 80s
  • Fiat Power Train produces over 600.000 industrial engines per year
  • Our engines are used not only in earthmoving equipment but also in trucks, agricultural equipment, marine and military applications.

4.5 lt FPT Multijet Engine

The 4.5 lt. FPT engine delivers a big performance in a small package with the lowest maintenance cost in the market:

  • The air intake system with centrifugal pre-filter reduces the cleaning intervals
  • High turbulence piston and air intake manifold
  • High pressure multi-injection common rail for a perfect air-fuel mix and greater burning efficiency
  • Viscous fan: no power is wasted with its low cooling demands


  • Oil and filter check points are easily accessible on the left side of the bonnet. The front opening provides the operator with a full view of the engine components.
  • The anti bumping frame surrounding the radiators prevents damage if the machine hits an obstacle at speeds up to 5 km/h, reducing unforeseen maintenance costs due to cracks in the radiators.


When the unexpected occurs, you need to know your equipment is protected.

We understand the importance of your machinery being in good working order and additionally to the STANDARD PROTECTION PLAN we offer you to purchase supplementary years/hours to meet your needs.

Tailored Made Solutions

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The King’s DNA

  • The exclusive outer extendahoe is part of the CASE DNA: all the components in contact with the soil are protected against impact and material accumulation
  • The gripper teeth provide perfect material retention especially when working on pipe placement
  • The curved main boom provides greater digging ability and makes it easier to load a truck
  • Pilot controls automatically deactivate when not in use for improved safety. They are immediately reactivated at the touch of a switch.


Modulated Power

The load sensing hydraulics provide just the right amount of oil for each task, even when the engine is running at low rpm. This results in fuel savings of up to 14% compared to traditional gear pumps. CASE is the only Backhoe loader manufacturer offering closed hydraulic centre whatever the choice of pump. Closed hydraulics enable simultaneous movements independent from work load and functions delivering constant power, better operator controllability and fast cycles.


No Stress power

CASE has enriched the offering introducing a new backhoe design with “In-Line” cylinder geometry and inner extendahoe. The aligned cylinders ensure perfect visibility across the boom and reduce the structure bending distributing the stresses. This is the typical solution adopted on large excavators where productivity and reliability are a must. The new technology will flank the well known and more backhoe oriented CASE DNA boom with overlapping cylinders and outer extendahoe.

Loader: straight to performance

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Safe productivity

  • Auto Ride Control reduces loader arm bounce during travel, maintaining maximum material retention on all surfaces, for higher travel speeds and reduced journey times. The system offers a choice of 3 settings to match customer preferences or different soil conditions.
  • The front axle offers +/-11 degrees of oscillation, to maintain traction on the toughest terrain, improve bucket retention and maintain high productivity.
  • Different tyre designs (from industrial to agricultural) and technologies (radial or bias) are available to meet the different requirements for traction or resistance to impact and stress.


The job has never been so easy!

Curved front loader arms improve truck loading while mechanical self-levelling assists the operator. Return-to-dig function signifi cantly reduces the operator effort on repetitive loading operations and speeds up the whole cycle. Excellent front loader visibility and the mechanical self-levelling feature make loading and unloading pallets really quick and simple.

Cab and Seat

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Get settled on your seat

  • Pilot control columns and wrist rests are fully adjustable to suit your size.
  • The cab sits on insulating mountings, reducing vibration and noise levels to 77 dB(A)
  • Excellent visibility equals greater safety: the rear screen is fully tiltable to provide an unobstructed view of the digging area. The stowed rear screen also provides rain protection in the open position.
  • Lumbar adjustment and fully adjustable armrests ensure a comfortable position throughout the working day.
  • All four cab windows can be opened partially or fully, to provide maximum ventilation in the cab.
  • A new overhead radio position and document storage box, combined with a lockable storage compartment make the CASE cab your comfortable office.
  • Wide steps and sturdy grab handles make it easy to get in and out of the cab. Large door apertures without obstacles make access to the seat equally easy. For night working the CASE backhoe loader comes with 10 working lights, including two on each side, for maximum visibility.

A single control joystick for all the loader functions

  • Raise/lower the loader
  • Bucket tilt
  • Proportional control of the closing and opening of the 4-in-1 bucket or other hydraulic accessories
  • Floating bucket position
  • Differential lock (except on the 695ST, which features a limited slip differential)
  • Cut off transmission switch
  • Automatic return to dig position


The CASE dealers are the ones that know everything about CASE products.

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