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M-Series Crawler Dozers

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CASE M Series dozers – the industry’s first line of dozers with powerfully efficient SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology built in. Best-in-class drawbar pull and industry-leading horsepower provide unbeatable pushing power. Additionally, enhanced controls with adjustable settings make it easy to match machine performance to ground conditions or operator preference. Even the cab has been redesigned to be quieter and more comfortable than ever before. More strength. More command. More done. Meet the M Series dozer.

The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying

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Best-in-Class Drawbar Pull

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Best-in-Class Drawbar Pull

Thanks to a highly efficient hydrostatic transmission, M Series dozers offer massive amounts of torque and horsepower to provide unbeatable pushing power under extreme loads.

Exclusive Tier 4 Engine

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Exclusive Tier 4 Engine


CASE M Series are the only dozers powered exclusively by fuel-efficient SCR technology*. Rather than compromise power, this after-treatment system lets the engine do what it does best – run at peak performance. The hydrostatic transmission is able to deliver the force and drawbar pull required to move more material while achieving up to 10% fuel savings over the L Series. Plus, SCR is simple. No regeneration. No downtime. Just pour and go. (Excludes 750M)

Industry-Leading Visibility

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Industry-Leading Visibility

See objects and obstacles sooner. With an optimized cab-forward design, a sloped hood and floor-to-ceiling glass, M Series dozers offer excellent vision of the blade edge and a cab-to-ground line-of-sight distance as short as 15 feet 6 inches* – twice as close as competitive models. (15-foot-6-inch cab-to-ground range on the 2050M with PAT blade)

Positive-Pressure Cab

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Positive-Pressure Cab

M Series dozers offer an all-new cab. True positive pressure with advanced sealing helps keep out dirt, dust and noise, and creates a working environment with one of the industry’s lowest sound ratings. The improved cab also offers an isolated design to reduce cab vibration for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Shuttle, Steering & Blade Sensitivity Settings

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Shuttle, Steering & Blade Sensitivity Settings


Whether fine-grading or operating at full speed, comfortable control is crucial to getting the job done right. The M Series dozer lets operators match their preference – or experience level – to the task at hand by adjusting between three shuttle (forward-to-reverse) and steering sensitivity settings: Smooth for subtle adjustments, Moderate for normal operation or Aggressive for quick response.


CASE dozers put convenient blade controls right at your fingertips. Operators can adjust sensitivity of the blade movement to match operator preference and job site requirements on the 1650M and 2050M. Adjustments to blade sensitivity are made through the Advanced Instrument Cluster (AIC). There are also dedicated buttons for automatic Blade Shake to help with shedding material off the blade, and a Fine Grading command, which instantly cuts blade speed by 40% for increased accuracy. (Blade sensitivity not available on 750M or 850M)


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