Part dozer. Part loader. All beast. Meet the CASE Minotaur™ DL550 — an all-new, industry-first equipment category: the compact dozer loader. The integrated C-frame delivers true dozer performance and the agility and finesse of a loader. CASE Universal Machine Control allows you to use the precision construction technology you prefer*. It’s compatible with hundreds of attachments, and the addition of an industry-exclusive fully integrated ripper makes this machine one-of-a-kind. It has the strength, attitude and intelligence to stake a claim as the industry’s most versatile and powerful compact machine.

Minotaur demonstrates CASE's commitment to delivering real-world innovation rooted in customer need. With 29 patents**, more than 10,000 field test hours, multiple customer clinics, countless operator evaluations, product refinements and even more evaluations after that — we've put this machine to the test to deliver you the highest standard in quality. Built mean for tough conditions and smart for precision grading, you can take it all on with confidence. Transform your operation with CASE Construction Equipment.

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21 patents granted, 8 pending


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