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Corporate social responsibility

CSR Projects

CNH Industrial’s Global CSR policy & efforts are aimed at interventions with the underlying themes:

  • Environment
  • Safety ( Operational & Industrial Safety of workers)
  • Social Sustainability (Community Focussed Development, Education, Health etc.)

India CSR projects are aligned with CNHi’s Global CSR Policy & efforts are focussed on the following themes

CSR Policy
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Multi Media Aided School Education

The aim of the project Enable a technology driven learning environment in schools with an ingenious combination of technology and curriculum mapped content 77 Schools at 77 Sapphire & Centurion Dealer Location. Starting with 77 schools at Sapphire & Centurion Dealer location under AG & 20 dealer locations under CE. Approximately 50000 students have been impacted through this project. Approximately 700 teachers have been trained to impart education through this technology driven device

CASE CE Digital Classroom” Project supports innovative learning. This project is based on KYan technology aims to improve educational outcomes by facilitating the overall development of Indian students by giving them access to the world of information and modern teaching methodologies. It intends to catalyze improvement in key development indicators in the local vicinity of its dealers’ operational areas through an education initiative for improving the social capital and economic development, creating access to opportunities

and resources. The KYan device is one of the core technology components of K-Class, which is a technology-led academic support system, aimed at assisting the teacher in creating a more stimulating environment in the classroom, thereby making education more involving and enriching for the students. KYan digital units comprise of multimedia lessons, videos, mind maps, assessments and practice sheets for science, mathematics and social science.

The New Holland Digital Classroom Project helps :

  • To improve educational outcomes by impacting school education from Class 1-12;
  • To revolutionize the Teaching-Learning process in the schools by setting up of innovative IT enabled education solution;
  • To enable a technology driven learning environment in schools with an ingenious combination of technology and curriculum mapped content.

Environment Conservation/Pollution Control

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Tree Plantation

CNHi is committed to contributing its best efforts in preserving the environment, making India more cleaner and greener by implementing Tree Plantation Drive under its CSR Initiative.

India is home to nearly a fifth of the world’s population. It is the land of beautiful and diverse landscapes, rich in natural resources. The country faces grave challenges of large-scale environmental pollution on a daily basis. Air pollution in India has reached hazardous levels. It is the responsibility of every single individual to protect the planet against pollution & help in conserving it for future generations.

Taking the baton of “Green Initiatives” further, It was decided to implement “Tree Plantation Project” under CSR around Pithampur plant. Tree Plantation Project was initiated on World Environment Day on 5th June, 2018, at Pithampur Plant by Greening the divider, leading to plant & beyond to align with Global CSR Policy of Environment Protection.

We have planted 5000 saplings on a stretch of divider, measuring approximately 4.5km in front of the Pithampur plant. CASE will also maintain the stretch for one year. Plantation drive will also be carried out in Schools & Panchayat land of villages adjoining Pithampur Plant.

Rural Skill Development

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Skill development/Vocational Skills Training is critical for economic growth and social development. The demographic transition of India makes it imperative to ensure employment opportunities for more than 12 million youths entering working age annually. To enable employment ready workforce in the future, the youth need to be equipped with necessary skills and education. The country presently faces a dual challenge of severe paucity of highly-trained, quality labour, as well as non-employability of large sections of the educated workforce that possess little or no job skills. The government has listed skill development as one of its priorities and aims to enhance participation of youth, seek greater inclusion of women, disabled and other disadvantaged sections into the workforce, and improve the capability of the present system, making it flexible to adapt to technological changes and demands emanating from the labour market.

CASE CE has collaborated with Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) for a Skill Development Training Programme on “ Backhoe Loader Operator”

Two construction-equipment training centres were set up in western and southern India, and a course tailored very closely to the needs of the participants was developed. They learnt how to operate the loader backhoe, to read and understand the manual, maintenance, repairs and safety, along with basic soft skills such as courteous behaviour, which is helpful when dealing with customers and employers.

Literacy rates are low and because operation of the loader backhoe requires a high level of skill, much of the teaching is based on verbal rather than written materials. In addition, 15 days of the 60-day course are spent gaining practical, on-the-job experience.

In total, the program  has trained 160 youth, which includes 80 trainees in each state and provide placement/self-employment to minimum 50% of the trained rural youth. Candidates who attend the skill-training program can find employment in service departments of farm machine dealers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, or independent repair and maintenance workshops.

Integrated Farming Systems(IFS) : Agri training program Agri training/IFS is aimed at increasing standards of living of the agrarian population by teaching farmers advanced cropping techniques. With low agricultural productivity across much of India, farmers often need to augment their incomes with other activities. By offering training in crop systems, maintenance, animal rearing, mushroom cultivation, biogas plant composting, beekeeping and silk farming, CNH Industrial has been able to help 900 farmers (men and women) in three locations – two in Karnataka and one in Rajasthan.

Covid-19 Relief Initiatives

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Covid-19 Relief Initiatives

Donation of Masks & Sanitizer Bottles : In view of the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread health hazards & loss of life, CNH Industrial undertook a few initiatives under CSR to provide relief against COVID-19.

We have donated PPEs (Surgical Masks & Hand Sanitizers) to MPSIDC (Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation) & Municipal Corporation

Solidarity Sanitization Project

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Solidarity Sanitization Project

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19). The pandemic has caused severe global socioeconomic disruption

Non-pharmaceutical interventions that may manage the outbreak include environmental measures such surface cleaning/sanitization of roads, habitats etc. Sanitization is being carried out in India through its municipal corporations. We have undertaken this project of sanitization as solidarity measure towards communities

The objectives of this project are to:

  • To support communities against COVID-19: By providing tractors & sprayers for sanitization to support communities to promote better health
  • To help in sanitization as Health/ Environmental Measure taken for COVID Relief: disinfection of environment to safeguard health
  • To help in non-pharmaceutical intervention to control COVID outbreak: Control outbreak & provide a clean, safe environment

As part of this project, we have donated 1 set of tractor & sprayer each to The Nagar Palika Parishad, Pithampur, Dhar

Donation of Medical Equipment to Dhar District Hospital

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Donation of Medical Equipment to Dhar District Hospital

CASE CE, Pithampur team donated Blood Tubing Device & RO System to the Chief Civil Surgeon & Resident Doctor of Dhar District Hospital

Pond Adoption

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Pond Adoption

CASE CE has undertaken & launched its CSR Project, Jal Sanchay-Water Conservation and Rejuvenation of Traditional Water Body at Sanjay Jalashay, Pithampur

At CNH Industrial, we take up CSR projects which are focussed towards sustainability in synergy with its role as the recognized leader according to Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the 8th consecutive year. Jal Sanchay (Adoption of Sanjay Jalashay), has been undertaken with following objectives will help in Renovation of Sanjay Jalashay /Pond, Conservation and storage of excess run-off water from catchment, Improvement in sanitary conditions around water bodies and its management, Plantation around pond to improve eco-system, Establishment of vegetative cover through plantation and grass seeding in adjoining drainage area/catchment to minimize silt erosion, Repair of earthen embankment and sump well to prevent seepage and provide greater stability, Construction of Pier for safe access to local community (One near water treatment plant towards NH-3, on opposite side of water treatment plant, Creation of Awareness on water and sanitation among community to reduce sludge draining into lake.

Project Goal:

Renovation of Sanjay Jalashay in order to conserve water and improve sanitary condition near around lake, while enhancing the ecosystem through plantation.

Specific objectives:

  • Conservation and storage of excess run-off water from catchment area.
  • Plantation of trees in order to enhance lake eco-system.
  • Improvement in sanitary conditions around lake.
  • Direct Target Beneficiaries: Families living near around the lake / industries which are dependent on water from lake in Pithampur


Plantation is proposed to be carried in catchment of Sanjay Jalashay with following objectives-

  • To improve ecosystems with diverse flora and fauna that supports the health of Sanjay Jalashay water and reduces surface runoff.
  • To prevent pollutants and sediments from entering pond thereby improving water quality
  • To improve water quality, bank stability, natural habitat and aesthetics around the lake.

Awareness Creation on Water and Sanitation

Awareness creation programmes are being carried out with local community on water and sanitation. The purpose of this activity is to sensitize community to stop waste water and sludge draining into lake from illegal settlement colony/habitation.



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