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Crawler Excavators

Crawler Excavators

Thanks to advanced design and engineering, CASE excavators deliver up to 17 percent more horsepower and save an estimated $10,000 per year from lower fuel costs and faster cycle times.  Four minimum swing radius models excel at digging and lifting in the tightest work areas.  CASE excavators range from 1.7 to 80 metric tons. These excavators are designed for high performance and durability. Whatever your job, CASE has an excavator that is right for you.

The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Urban
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
Crawler Excavators - CX220C/ CX220C LC
Crawler Excavators - CX220C/ CX220C LC
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The proven CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) delivers impressive machine control with unrivalled energy and fuel savings in all cycle time phases. Two variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system are combined with the CASE main valve, designed in Japan for fine, precise and efficient operations.

The Hydraulic system is governed by a Machine Control Unit which collects input from pressure sensors located on pumps, main valve and pilot lines. The Machine Control Unit contentiously dialogue with the Engine Control Unit in order to optimize machine output at any moment in any condition.


CASE advanced energy management consists of 5 Energy Saving Controls

  • Automatic Economy control (AEC): improving fuel efficiency by drop in engine rpm when the joystick is in neutral position.
  • Boom Economy Control (BEC): increased fuel efficiency in boom lowering/swinging operations.
  • Swing Relief Control (SWC): optimized hydraulic power distribution in slewing operations to deliver the most efficient flow and pressure.
  • Spool Stroke Control (SSC): pressure and flow control during digging and leveling operations
  • Idle functions
  • Auto Idle: lowers engine rpm after 5 seconds of joystick inactivity;
  • Idle Shutdown: shuts the engine down after a pre-set time.
  • Regenerative: hydraulic circuit for boom, arm & bucket operations for better productivity.

The CX220C model is powered by fuel efficient FPT (Fiat PowerTrain) Engine, designed to boost machine performances and optimize fuel economy. The 6 cylinders FPT engine delivers outstanding power and torque, that reduces the transient time making the hydraulic system immediately reactive to any load. Fuel consumption can be constantly monitored by the operator throughout the new ECO gauge function, that displays in real time the energy saving level utilized.


Accurate, robust and simple design for high durability.

  • The CX220C delivers leading design solutions.
  • Boom & Arm plate thickness increased by 33% and upper-structure has been reinforced in all area with higher stress to increase the durability.
  • The boom has high strength casting parts joined with thicker hinge flanges to reduce stress on the structures.
  • The arm design features a single side lateral thicker plate, with extra reinforcement plates and grid on bottom side.
  • The bucket linkage has a fortified structure and reduced tolerances for increased component life minimizing downtime.
  • The anti-friction resin shims in the boom foot and head reduce noise and free play, increasing durability and reliability for the customer.

New Undercarriage Structure
Designed to last!

Thicker structural plates and new design:

  • The ‘sloped’ lower frame design reduces the time needed to clean the undercarriage.
  • Reinforced idler guards to protect from stones.
  • Larger pin diameter to reduce contact surface pressure and increase component life.
  • Travel motor case frame with thicker plate for better durability.
  • Recoil spring increase stroke for better cushion performance.
  • Track guards to keep chain on rollers in any condition.


3 power modes to match any customer need:

  • AUTO: for normal digging, grading, lifting and precision work. Power Boost always engaged.
  • HEAVY: for heavy operations always granting the best balance between productivity and fuel economy. Power Boost automatically engaged.
  • SUPER POWER: extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity. Power Boost automatically engaged.

Operators can store up to 10 auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure settings to easily switch among different attachments with no need of any mechanical adjustment.


The advanced hydraulic system offers higher breakout forces, improved swing speeds and greater swing torque, resulting in faster cycle times and 5% increase in productivity. Power boost function is automatically engaged. The electronic management of speed and power lowers fuel consumption and offers considerable productivity benefits in terms of outputs.


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  • Superior wide & roomy cab with ample legroom, More secure & safe working environment.
  • Ergonomically designed seat with 8 different adjustments enhances operator comfort and hence productivity.
  • Vibration dampening protects against whole body fatigue for all day productivity.
  • Openable roof window to give better visibility on top.
  • Fully adjustable right hand console includes advanced engine throttle control, that determines working mode selection. The console is equipped with a luminosity switches to ensure that the graphics are clear and easily readable in bright sunlight.
  • New cab has thinner pillars and wide glass areas, including one piece window on right hand side, for improved visibility all round. Longer seat slides, a fully reclining seat and foot space, and air conditioning with 8 outlet vents ensure that any operator can stay comfortable throughout the working day. A clock is included. Storage is provided, with a large box behind the driver’s seat and bottle or can holders on front right side.
  • Radio’s slot, speakers and antenna as standard for an easy radio add on.
  • Telematic’s predisposition for an easy plug in.


  • Wider glazed surface with two pieces door’s window.
  • Improved front, top and side visibility - Openable roof window to give better visibility on top.
  • New 7” LED cluster to constantly monitor the main machine parameters.


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  • All filters and regular check points are grouped and easily accessible from the ground.
  • Easy access and centralised lubrication points.
  • Battery disconnect switch accessible from ground while servicing the machine.
  • Radiator and cooler are mounted side by side for more efficient cooling and easy access for cleaning.
  • Machine can be supplied suitable for Tropical climate (from -15°C to +50°C) or Super Tropical climate (from -15°C to +55°C)
  • Optional refueling pump with auto cut off reduces downtime for regular fills.


The CASE dealers are the ones that know everything about CASE products.

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