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Single Drum Rollers

Single Drum Rollers


Drum Drive and Vibratory System

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Drum Drive and Vibratory System


Tier 3 engine

The 1107 EX compactor features the new powerful 4-cylinder water cooled Tier 3 engine that delivers up to 102 hp and 16% more torque compared with the previous model. With more than 3 million units operating all over the world, including the CASE 570T backhoe loader, the engine assures an excellent reliability. The turbocharged engine is equipped with an air aftercooler system with internal EGR that increases the density of the intake air, improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Coupled with the turbo pre-cleaner, the water cooled engine ensures excellent cooling and high fuel efficiency : -5% compared with the previous model.


For a durable performance

  • Well-proven compaction technology: high manufacturing quality standards achieved throughout a long experience
  • 4-pins central joints: a heavy duty design solution to make the machine suitable for the most severe applications
  • Turbo pre-cleaner mounted on top of engine compartment: only fresh air is delivered to the engine to assure a perfect combustion
  • Shock absorbers: low vibrations transmitted by the drum to machine components to increase durability


Drum drive

The 1107 EX vibratory soil compactor is available in three configurations to meet every surface compaction need:

  • The 1107 EX with single drive and smooth drum for multi-purpose activities and standard jobs
  • The 1107 EX-D with drum drive and increased traction on slopes and landfills
  • The 1107 EX-PD with drum drive and clamp-on pad foot for compacting more cohesive materials such as clay and silt The optional drum drive system features an additional high torque drive motor mounted on the front drum frame, resulting in excellent gradeability (36%) and optimized traction.


Ready for every mission

2 vibration stages provided by a variable displacement bidirectional axial piston pump with electrical displacement control allow effective compaction of a wide range of soil types.

  • Great manoeuvrability: +/- 15° drum oscillating angle 37° steering angle –> short steering radius
  • Low steering effort contributes to reducing operator fatigue
  • Perfect match of frequency and amplitude vibration to the soil, in order to get the best performance
  • Easy transport features thanks to the optimal dimensions

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