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CASE broadens the capabilities of its skid steer loaders with new attachments

CASE broadens the capabilities of its skid steer loaders with new attachments

  • Published Fri Oct 26, 2018
  • Rayong, Thailand

CASE’s digging, pushing, loading and carrying machines are now ideal for road construction and maintenance, demolition, and farming.

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced a wide range of skid steer loader attachments for the South East Asian market. The attachments make the machines ideal for a greater number of tasks, particularly in road construction and maintenance, demolition, and farming.

CASE now offers nine different skid steer loaders and eight specialised attachments. To demonstrate the versatility of these machines – designed for digging, pushing, loading and carrying – the first of a series of road shows was staged today in Rayong, on the east coast of Thailand. The event was attended by dealers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

CASE updated its famously robust skid steer loaders last year, delivering best-in-class horsepower and bucket breakout force, higher rated operating capacity, and cleaner emissions standards. Technical upgrades created the most powerful skid steer in CASE’s history and the largest radial-lift skid steer on the market. Now, the new attachments broaden the machines’ capabilities.

To help customers identify the best attachments for their needs, CASE’s state-of-the-art loaders are now available in South East Asia in three different packages: for road construction and maintenance, for demolition, and for farming.

Versatility for every task
In the Basic Road Construction Package, for road construction and general construction sites, skid steer loaders are available with Multi-Bucket and Pickup Broom attachments. In road construction, the Multi-Bucket reduces spillage of asphalt and loose materials during travel operations, with fine control over material-spread. In building construction, the Multi-Bucket improves control over loose material during spreading, grazing or dozing. The Pickup Broom is ideal for picking up rocks, dirt and other debris and sweeps, cleans, and dumps into trucks for quick cleaning of roads, parking lots, construction sites, and public areas such as paving.

The Road Maintenance Package is offered with the Pickup Broom; the Compactor, to compact sub-base and asphalt; and the Planer, for planing frost heaves and expansion joints and removing lane markings. The Road Maintenance Pro Package additionally includes the Slot Cutter, for curb-cutting and repairing cracks and pot holes.

The Demolition Package includes the Pickup Broom, Multi-Bucket, and Slot Cutter attachments.

The Farm Package offers the Multi-Bucket, for scraping and clean-up of livestock waste, and handling loose feed, fertilizer and earth; Pallet Forks, for the easy unloading and moving of palletized bags of fertilizer from trucks; and either the Pickup Broom or an Auger for drilling holes for trees, post-holes and fencing. The Farm Pro Package additionally includes a Brush Cutter attachment for clearing light- to medium-density brush and hardwoods up to 100mm in diameter.

Danilo Catalucci, Head of Marketing for CASE Construction Equipment in South East Asia and Japan, commented: “CASE is well known for offering a wide product range for road construction, with many projects across South East Asia already using our graders, dozers, and compactors. Less well-known is how the versatility of our skid steer loaders makes them suitable for a wide range of industries. With so many different loader attachments available, there’s a partner for every job.”

CASE offers a full line of equipment with more than 90 different models, including heavy excavators, compactors, wheel loaders, crawler dozers, skid-steer loaders and backhoe loaders. The company’s products are manufactured around the globe – in the USA, Brazil, France, Italy, India, Indonesia and Japan – focusing its manufacturing expertise close to the customer.


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