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Wheel Loaders


  • Bucket Volume 4.4 m³
  • Power 239 kW / 320 hp


The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
Wheel Loaders - 1021F/1121F
Wheel Loaders - 1021F/1121F
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PRODUCTIVITY (50-meter distance cycle)
Considering density 1.8 t/m³, fill factor 100%, 52 cycles/hour and each hour includes a 5-minute break 230 m³/h or 410 t/h 52 loading cycles/h with standard bucket 4.4 m3 or 7.9 ton
Compliant with Tier 2 (EU stage II regulations)
FPT turbocharged engine F2CFA614C-E019 with
100% fresh air combustion
Air to Air intercooler
Second generation common rail (1.600 bar)
Multiple injections similar to multi-jet automotive technology to achieve best in class load response, max torque and power with the minimum fuel consumption.
6 cylinders - 8.7 liters - common rail
Max power (SAE J1995 / ISO 14396) 239 kW / 320 hp @1800 rpm
Maximum torque (SAE J1995) 1479 Nm @1100 rpm

TRANSMISSION |  - | - All-wheel drive with planetary axles | Kick-down function | 4-speed torque converter | 4-speed auto Powershift switchable to manual shifting | forward speeds |  7-13-19-38 Km/h reverse speeds | 7-13-27 Km/h Adjustable transmission declutch |

For outstanding traction with 50% longer maintenance intervals and 30% less tire wear Cooled ZF Heavy Duty axles with front auto-lock differential 100%
Front ZF type MT-L3115-II
Rear ZF type MT-L3105-II
For standard traction Cooled ZF axles with both Open Differentials
Front   ZF type MT-L3105-II
Rear ZF type MT-L3105-II
Rear axle total oscillation 26°
Tyres 26.5R25
Service brake Maintenance free, self-adjusting wet 4-wheel disc brakes
Area 0.74 m²/hub (L3115-II axle) or 0.54 m²/hub (L3105-II axle)
Parking brake Disc brake on transmission activated from the cab cluster
Area 82 cm²
Valves Rexroth Closed-center, load sensing hydraulic system Main valve with 3 sections
Steering The steering orbitrol hydraulically is actuated with priority valve
Type of pump Tandem Variable displacement pump (352 l/min @2000 rpm)
Automatic hydraulic functions
Bucket Return-to-dig
Boom Return-to-travel
Auto lift (to adjustable height)
Control type Pilot control with single joystick or two levers
Fuel tank 459 usable liters
Cooling system 57 liters
Engine oil 26 liters
Hydraulic oil Tank: 134 litres, total system: 250 liters
Axles (including cooling circuit) 68 liters
Transmission oil 45 liters
For you safety the cab complies to protection against falling objects (FOPS)   ISO EN3449
protection against roll over (ROPS)   ISO EN13510
Sound pressure level at operator’s station Lpa = 79 dB (A) in compliance with standard ISO 6396:2008
Guaranteed Sound power level Lwa = 108 dB (A) according to European Directive 2000/14/EC
Switchable reverse gear alarm
Vibrations air-cushioned seat MSG 95A/732 Operator’s seat meets the criteria of ISO 7096:2000 representing vertical vibration input under severe but typical operating conditions. As a result the vibrations transmitted by the machine to the operator body does not exceed 0.5 m/s²

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM |  - |  - 24V Batteries 2 x 12V |  Alternator |  65A

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