B-Series II Motor Graders

B-Series II Motor Graders

Operating Weight

from 15353 to 18120 kg

B-Series II Motor Graders

Our New B2-seriers graders are the perfect balance of Power, efficiency and accuracy. Where each pass counts our graders deliver smooth control power on demand via our FPT engine. Couple this to a fully automatic powershift transmission and our unique patent blade design and you have grading excellence. 
Power on Demand: With a robust FPT engine and the Variable Horsepower (VHP) system, our graders deliver smooth and control grading performance in all working conditions. 
 To be or not to be Automatic: We give you the option to work in either a fully automatic or manual transmission mode. In the Automatic mode our graders will do all the guess work and select the correct gear shift for the job at hand. This allows the operator to focus just on the grade and cut improving grading quality and reducing machine stalls.

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