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CASE celebrates 175 years of serving construction businesses with effective solutions

CASE celebrates 175 years of serving construction businesses with effective solutions

  • Opublikowane Pn mar 20, 2017
  • Turin

CASE Construction Equipment celebrates the 175th Anniversary of the Racine Threshing Machine Works, opened by Jerome Increase Case in Wisconsin, USA. What began with J.I. Case in 1842 is a story of ingenuity, practicality and entrepreneurship that remain as strong today in the CASE teams around the world. Right from the early days of steam-powered machines, CASE has pioneered equipment and technologies that profoundly influenced construction businesses.

The innovations developed by CASE throughout its history have provided practical solutions to every-day challenges of the construction jobsite. The introduction of the first portable steam engine in 1869, which led to the birth of road construction, and the launch in 1957 of the industry’s first factory-integrated tractor loader backhoe are just two of CASE’s pioneering developments that have changed the construction world.

Many milestones punctuate CASE’s history: from the 500,000th backhoe loader that rolled of its production line in 2005 to almost sixty years of wheel loader excellence, and close to five decades of skid steer loader development – all these landmarks are testament to the expertise CASE has to offer today’s construction businesses across the world.

This rich heritage of innovation comes with a passion for serving the customer and helping them solve their technical and business challenges. J.I. Case believed in doing what’s right and going the extra mile for the customer. This belief remains just as true today and drives CASE’s 360-degree approach to supporting construction businesses with products and services, and its teams’ ability to build long-lasting relationships with customers.


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