CASE launches new D-Series mini-excavator range: a complete line-up offering a solution for every customer need

22nd April, 2024
CASE launches new D-Series mini-excavator range

CASE Construction Equipment launched the new D-Series mini-excavator range in the Australian and New Zealand markets, featuring models from 1 to 6 tons. The range offers a complete line-up of machines with a solution for every customer need: all D-Series mini-excavator models are equipped with the latest technology, features and attachments for all markets and applications.

This versatile, agile and market-leading range also stands out for its superior serviceability and reliability, optimising up-time, productivity and profitability for customers. The CASE D-Series mini-excavator range is manufactured at dedicated plants in Italy, benefitting from the innovation, technology, expertise and manufacturing excellence deriving from the acquisition of Sampierana by CNH Industrial in 2021.

CASE Construction D-Series Mini-Excavators redefine industry standards with zero tail-swing, versatile hydraulic and mechanical quick couplers, and customisable features for applications ranging from basic to premium configurations. Boasting up to three auxiliary circuits and advanced controls, including electro-hydraulic and load-sensing systems, the D-Series offers unparalleled adaptability with a wide array of attachments.

Operator-focused enhancements, including automatic air conditioning and customisable controls, combined with optional amenities like DAB Radio, position the D-Series as the epitome of comfort, safety, and productivity for professionals across diverse industries.

Products are now available from your local CASE dealers. Each tailored to meet specific industry needs. CASE Construction invites professionals and enthusiasts alike to experience the future of compact excavators with the D-Series.

For more information about the D-Series Mini Excavators and the upcoming launch, please visit our Australian and New Zealand website!

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