Hydraulic Plate Compactor

  • Direct-drive, heavy-duty gear motor
  • Rubber shock mounts
  • Box section base plate construction
  • Angled shock mount suspension
  • Thick formed base plate
  • Flow control to prevent over speeding
  • Virtually zero-maintenance oil bathed bearings
  • Readily adaptable to other loader/backhoe brands
  • The extremely rugged direct drive system has a large flywheel that
  • Designed to compact any surface. Vibrating Plate Compactors are an excellent solution for achieving a solid, even, and well compacted bottom that will never give way

ADVANTAGES: Precision, Maintenance-free & Versatile


  • Utilities, construction, road maintenance
  • Ideal for slope compaction

Requirements for Operation

  • Uni- or bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics
  • Pin/bushing/insert kit & hose kit specific to model
  • Dipper quick disconnect kit

Compatible Equipments

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