Midi-koparki Seria D


Midi-koparki Seria D

Masa robocza w / STD wiadra

od 7930 do 8630 kg

Midi-koparki Seria D

Uncover the new CASE D series MIDI EXCAVATOR

The new MIDI D series, as their predecessors Tier IV based CX75C SR and CX80C MSR, come in two models: CX85D SR and CX90D MSR to respond to different needs and application.

  • The CX85D SR is a short radius model, which can work in only 2920 mm (1630 mm front swing + 1290 mm tail swing) and it has the same mono boom design of larger excavators. It is offered also in the OFFSET version which increases the working area without repositioning the machine.
  • The CX90D MSR has a SWING boom design, which makes it perfect when manoeuvrability and maximum reach are the priority. The generous swing angles (left 80° ; right 45°) combined with excellent visibility in every direction contribute to its great success.

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