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CASE fleet owner sees rolled gold value in each and every machine

CASE fleet owner sees rolled gold value in each and every machine

  • Published Mon Jan 18, 2016

Founded in 1990, Jaco Trenching & Boring is a privately owned company based in Warragul that mainly services Victoria’s Gippsland region.

Priding itself on its high quality workmanship and customer service, Jaco has grown from a one man operation to become a successful 12 person outfit supporting the water, gas, sewer, electrical and earthmoving industries. Part of Jaco’s success can also be attributed to the high calibre of its equipment, a fleet of Case machines ranging from 580ST Backhoes to 13 tonne Excavators and a fleet of smaller excavators, ranging from 2.7 to 5.5 tonnes.

According to Jaco Trenching & Boring owner and director Colin Stoll, his fleet of tough Case machines, their reliability and the service they receive from Case Vic are part of the reason his company has managed to prosper all these years.

“We do a variety of work including natural gas pipeline installations, sewer construction, water-main laying, general excavations and directional drilling – all jobs that need a machine that is tough, reliable and economical and my fleet of Case machines definitely fit that bill,” said Colin.

“On top of that, all my Case machines - whether they be excavators or backhoes – are just great value for money.” “We’ve compared the Case brand to a number of other brands and I’ve got to say, when it comes to value for money, you just can’t beat Case,” said Colin.

As well as those attributes, Colin said the service he gets from Case Vic is so good that he wouldn’t consider dealing with any other company.

“Case Vic is easy to deal with and provide honest and straightforward advice. Whenever I need parts or service, they’re right onto it - their service and reliability is second to none.”

In terms of the mechanics of his Case machines, Colin said there were a number of technical enhancements that he found to be a standout for the work his company does.

“When it comes to the new 580ST Backhoe, its power, reliability and hydraulic side shift have really impressed me.”

“The hydraulic side shift is important on some of the sites we visit - when you need to offset the machine, with the Case 580ST Backhoe, its just a matter of pulling a lever, which makes manoeuvrability very easy,” said Colin.

“On other backhoe brands, to side shift the machine, you need to slew the whole machine around, which can be a bit cumbersome, especially on tight jobs, but with the Case 580ST Backhoe, its very easy and simple to achieve.”

The 580ST Backhoe has a Common Rail 72kW diesel engine with Powershift transmission as option, the ability to move up to 4.6 tonnes and with its Case heritage, it is no wonder it has been dubbed ‘The King of Construction.”

Made for the extreme demands of the Australian workplace, the Case 580ST Backhoe uses an automatic dust ejector of the filter that allows long cleaning intervals, even when working in dusty conditions With Four-wheel drive and 100% locking differential fitted to the rear axle that provides all-weather traction in the toughest site conditions and optional 20” front tyres give maximum flotation, the Case 580ST Backhoe can go places many other machines can’t.

Even for those that need a machine for night work, the Case 580ST Backhoe comes with 10 working lights, including two on the sides, which provides maximum visibility and safety. For his part, Colin said that his fleet of Case machines – now numbering nine individual units – may well grow to more, however at present, he is happy with what he has, especially the new 580ST Backhoe – it not only performs well, but looks a lot more aerodynamic than older models, a fact that really impresses him “Not only is my new Case 580ST Backhoe more manoeuvrable but its also looks a lot more streamlined – aerodynamic in fact- and that makes it a machine that me and my operators are very happy with.”

Case Construction is a leading distributor of Heavy, MSR and Compact Excavators, Backhoe, Track Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders. Backed by a national dealer network, Case Construction offers parts, service and finance for a range of earthmoving applications.

For more information contact Case Construction on 1300 99 CASE.


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