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Earthmover finds space is the final frontier with CASE fleet

Earthmover finds space is the final frontier with CASE fleet

  • Published Mon Jan 18, 2016

Family-run and Melbourne-based Presta Construction Group has been in the civil and road reconstruction industry for over 25 years and services many municipal councils and private clients.

Since its inception, Presta Construction Group has also been a dedicated Case equipment user, and now, many years later, the company owns and operates a fleet of Case machines that includes four CX75C Midi Crawler Excavators, one CX145C Excavator, one CX36B Excavator, and three Case Skid Steer Loaders of various ages and models. According to Director Tony Presta, the reason why the company uses Case machines is because of their reliability and comfort – and also because the company has used the Case brand from the day it started, making Case a partner in the growth of Presta Construction Group.

“My dad started the company 25 years ago, and we’ve been using Case machines ever since then.”

“We use our Case machines for a variety of purposes on all of our jobs – we do a lot of road works, so we’ll use the bigger excavators for curb and drainage works, and then get our Case Skid Steers Loaders to do all the backfilling work,” said Tony.

“Personally, I find Case machines to be very reliable - we’ve never had a problem with any of them, and on top of that, the cabs, especially in the newer models, are very roomy and comfortable, which is a real bonus when our guys are spending the whole day operating the machines,” Tony said.

When it comes to residential earthmoving work, the streamlined and sleek design of Case machines is proving to be a bona fide bonus for Presta Construction Group.

“These days, we are doing more and more residential work, and the fact that our Case machines have zero swing and a good offset means we can work in the tightest of places and not have to worry about access and other issues like power lines,” said Tony. This kind of slimmer configuration is part and parcel of the Case DNA, and is also a standard feature on many of the machines. For example, the CX145C Excavator, which, unlike traditional excavators is engineered with prominent rear counterweights, also features a boom placement that minimises the machine’s work envelope. The resulting small swing radius literally makes manoeuvring onto difficult, small and restricted sites a breeze. For the smaller Case CX75C Midi Crawler Excavator, its minimum swing radius design is also perfect for working in more confined areas, such as along buildings, car parks and on roadsides, while its newly designed, larger cab provides operators with more foot space and elbow room.

Even some of the older Case equipment that Presta Construction Group use like their 1845C Skid Steer Loader is purpose–built for work on residential building sites with its compact chassis that is designed for working hard in tight residential spaces.

“We drive our Case machines pretty hard, but as I said, we’ve never had a problem with them in all the time we’ve been using them,” said Tony.

“When we do need a service or some technical advice or parts, the guys over at Case Victoria always help us out and are a pleasure to deal with, so in terms of the customer service we get from Case, its two thumbs up as far as I am concerned.”

“As for the future, when we need to buy a new machine, we know the Case Victoria team will look after us.”

“We always look first at what Case has to offer before we will look at any other brand,” said Tony, adding that, “we’ve been very happy with Case for the past 25 years, so I figure we’ll be happy with them for the next 25 years as well.” Case Construction is a leading distributor of Heavy, MSR and Compact Excavators; Backhoe and Skid Steer Loaders. Backed by a national dealer network, Case Construction offers parts, service and finance for a range of earthmoving applications.

For more information contact Case Construction on 1300 99 CASE.


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