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Earthmoving done in a fleck

Earthmoving done in a fleck

  • Published Mon Jan 18, 2016

Fleck Earthmoving is based in Sydney’s Hills District and has been in business for 25 years covering all aspects of earthmoving.

The company prides itself on always completing work to an excellent standard by paying close attention to detail. All Fleck Earthmoving employees are trained in all aspects of the construction and earthmoving industry.

Fleck Earthmoving have an ongoing commitment to provide the best possible service to their clients by constantly upgrading it’s fleet and ensuring their working strategies are the most professional in the business. To compliment this vision, Fleck Earthmoving turned to Case Construction. According to Fleck Earthmoving Manager Josh Shawyer, the Case TR270 Compact Track Loader is proving its worth to the company that has built a reputation for quality and reliability of work.

“The TR270 Compact Track Loader is comfortable to operate, easy to use and has tons of power,” said Josh. “Its an all-round top machine- we use it mainly for our landscaping and plumbing jobs, for backfilling, and even moving heavy bits of fill and rock around- it does the job with ease.”

“One of the best things about the Case TR270 Compact Track Loader is its comfortable cabin – when you are sitting in that cabin for 10 hours straight, you appreciate how comfortable it really is.”

“It’s also got heated seats, which we really appreciate on cold, wet, windy days,” he said.

“Best of all,” noted Josh, “The TR270 Compact Track Loader is very reliable – it hasn’t got as many moving parts as some of the other machines out there, so there is much less that can go wrong with it.”

“With its reliable 51kW engine and best-in-class torque and breakout force, we use our Case TR270 Compact Track Loader almost every day of the week in a variety of soil and rock conditions – to date, the machine has performed brilliantly.”

“The earthmoving game is very competitive these days and as a company, we need to be on top of our game for every job we go for.” “That’s why we chose Case Construction machines – there’re tough, reliable, easy to use, super comfortable and get the job done fast – and that’s what we need to keep a company like Fleck Earthmoving winning jobs,” said Josh.

Case Construction is a leading distributor of Heavy, MSR and Compact Excavators, Backhoe, Track Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders. Backed by a national dealer network, Case Construction offers parts, service and finance for a range of earthmoving applications.

For more information contact Case Construction on 1300 99 CASE.


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