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River erosion control: company says CASE flows with features

River erosion control: company says CASE flows with features

  • Published Mon Jan 18, 2016

Melbourne-based A&R Excavations specialises in the wet hire on a range of excavation jobs including residential and commercial excavating, rock beaching, deep silting and river erosion control – all tasks that require reliable, tough, and powerful machine

According to A&R Excavations owner / operator Tony Quinn, his two Case Excavators – the CX145C and C130B are perfect for the type of work his company undertakes.

“Our two Case Excavators are excellent machines for what we do,” said Tony. “They are comfortable, smooth to operate, powerful, easy to use, have plenty of visibility, and have been so far, very reliable.”

“I’ve had the CX145C for almost 500 hours now but the C130B we have been using for the past three and a half years and we are very happy with both machines.”

“While we do a variety of excavation work in and around Melbourne and also throughout the rest of Victoria, some of our most critical work involves the erosion control of rivers and streams.”

“This is where the superior stability of Case equipment really stands out – when you are working on the side of a riverbank, stability is very important both in terms of safety and keeping your productivity high,” Tony said.

This enhanced stability is due to the fact that unlike traditional excavators with prominent rear counter-weights, the Case CX145 Excavator features a compact counterweight and boom placement that minimises the machine’s work envelope and promotes extra stability.

The small swing radiuses make manoeuvring onto difficult and restricted sites a breeze, while daily maintenance on the CX145C is made easy with the ground level service checks.

Another plus for Case in Tony’s book is the fuel economy, which he said especially on the CX145C, was “very good.” For all operators, this superior fuel economy slashes operating costs and helps increase profitability.

Case Excavators deliver up to 15 per cent more fuel efficiency than the competition while the new C-Series is engineered to deliver up to a further 10 per cent on fuel savings over previous Case models.

The excavators’ diesel engines each achieve almost 120kW using Tier 4 Interim CEGR technology to burn cleaner, reduce fuel consumption while delivering superior power.

Furthermore, with three power modes: SP (speed priority), H (heavy duty) and A (automatic) modes, operators can choose the best mix of power and fuel efficiency, while throttle settings also adjust hydraulics for extra tailoring to specific tasks.

Keeping his machines for an average of five years, Tony noted that his old CX130A notched up over 8500 hours before he traded it on the CX145C.

While this was much longer than he usually keeps his excavators, the CX130A had given him no reason to change over earlier.

“It just kept ticking away like a Swiss watch - so we kept using it.”

“When the time comes to buy a new machine, I will certainly look at buying another Case Excavator.”

“Over the years, we’ve looked at the other brands, but honestly, nothing so far could tear us away from Case.”

“They provide good all-round power and overall great value for money – there is one great brand in my book and that brand is Case.” “Add to that the friendly and prompt service we get from Case Victoria, Case is definitely the brand for our company.”


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