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Double Drum Rollers

Double Drum Rollers

CASE large DV rollers come standard with a hydraulically adjustable “crab steering” system that can offset the rear drum up to seven inches*. In addition to that, a heavy-duty, roller-style articulation joint allows the machine to oscillate +/-10° to maintain drum-to-ground contact. Together, these features enable superior operation around corners, over bumps or dips, and in confined areas. The front drums of our small DV rollers are positioned about two inches off center from the back drum, allowing for a tighter turning radius, while both drums have a balanced design and a tapered edge to reduce tearing around curves and during transitions.

The perfect equipment for:
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Machines are designed to perform the best compaction quality in every conditions and surfaces:

  • The compact design and the weight equally distributed on both drums provide even compaction and easy transportability;
  • The improved ground clearance allows to work on extremely uneven terrains;
  • The excellent gradeability maximizes the machine versatility;
  • The high steering angle allows the machines to work in very narrow spaces and to increase the compacting accuracy;
  • The superior drum diameter ensures high compaction quality even in case of very irregular surfaces.
  • The standard pressurized water sprinkler system with 6 nozzles per drum provides longer operating hours in every conditions due to optimized water usage and the consistent water flow regardless of the slope of the jobsite


  • Well-proven compaction technology: high manufacturing quality standards achieved throughout a long experience
  • Low owning and operating costs thanks to the reliable engines and durable hydraulic motors (Low Speed High Torque type)
  • Heavy duty articulation joint to enhance the reliability of the machine in every working condition and terrain.
  • Large anti-vibration mounts for effective isolation and long life
  • 2 drum scrapper per drum, self-adjusting type, no maintenance required
  • Easy accessibility to all components for quick and effortless maintenance  

Visibility is a key factor on a compactor because it means more job done in an hour, more precise and qualitative compaction, more comfort for the operator and in total safety: that’s why CASE invested a lot of effort and resources to guarantee an excellent visibility on both front and rear sides.

  • The rounded shape of the engine hood in the front improves the operator visibility
  • No front and rear overhang: operator has clear visibility to both front and rear paths of the machine, allowing to compact right to the edge of the area
  • Rear view mirror and well located working lights for added safety
  • The high curb clearance allows the operator to compact closer to objects such as: cement curbs, light poles bases, etc.
  • The ergonomically designed sliding operator’s seat allows the driver to have a perfect view on the drum edge in every working condition


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