Strength in full bloom: a celebration of women in construction at CASE

September 8, 2023
Strength in full bloom: a celebration of women in construction at CASE

This August CNH Industrial employees and customers gathered at the CASE Construction Equipment headquarters in Isando for a celebration held against the backdrop of Women's Month. The CASE Women in Construction event, now in its second edition, built on last year’s success to honour the unwavering spirit of women, symbolised by the theme: "Strength in Full Bloom".

The daisy – a flower that blooms even in difficult terrains – was the emblem of the day, representing the resilience and tenacity of women in the construction industry. Daisies are not just beautiful to the eye but are also known to be robust and resilient, often blooming in the most unlikely places and weathering harsh conditions. Just like the daisy, women in the construction industry have shown time and again that no matter the challenges they face, their strength and determination allow them to thrive.

Upon arrival, the guests were led to the beautifully decorated tent by a path of daisy stepping stones. The pit was a sight to behold, decorated with daisies that seamlessly tied in with the floral theme.

The day was given a burst of energy and warmth with Elana Afrika-Brendenkamp, the award-winning radio presenter, taking centre stage as MC and panel facilitator. Delving into the theme, "Strength in Full Bloom", she skilfully drew a heartfelt connection to Katy Perry's "Daisies", a song that celebrates the spirit of chasing one's dreams against all odds. As Perry said, it's about "going and getting your dreams, and not letting anyone or anything stand in your way".

As the song's empowering chords filled the air, a trio of CASE machines - an SV250B skid steer loader, a 580V backhoe loader, and a 621XS wheel loader - made their grand entrance, their buckets brimming with daisies. Behind the wheel of these machines were our sales representatives Britney Noeth, Brigitte Higgo, and Monica Pringle. The event was also about making connections. A fun icebreaker game had everyone mingling, with every participant looking for someone with a matching card. The laughter and stories shared created stronger bonds among the guests.

The highlight was a panel discussion with women who have made a mark in the construction industry. Brigitte Higgo spoke about her unexpected journey from receptionist to sales representative, driven by her passion for machines. Charlene Badenhorst shared her story of transitioning from mining to owning a CASE dealership. Tryphosa Singo, despite her background in political sciences, has become a force in the construction world, gaining international recognition. Cleopatra Ndlovu, who started as a domestic worker, now heads multiple businesses. The discussion was followed by a delicious brunch and the thrilling opportunity to operate CASE Construction Equipment machines. Even Elana took the driver's seat, impressively handling a CX220C LC Heavy Duty Excavator.

To CASE Construction Equipment, Women’s Day is not just a day on the calendar. It is a commitment to recognising the essential role of women in the industry and pledging support to their dreams and ambitions. “This Women’s Day event holds a special place for us at CASE. It's our second Women in Construction event and there’s no looking back. We are determined to make it a yearly celebration, honouring the immense contribution of women to the construction landscape,” says Graham Forte, Managing Director of CNH Industrial – Construction Segment. Warren Alexander, the Branch Manager at Isando, added: “We see the determination, resilience, and innovation that women bring to our industry. It's time the world sees it too.”

Elana, summarising the essence of the day, shared, “Today was extraordinary. It's remarkable to witness such a congregation of dynamic women in an industry previously perceived as male dominated. Like the robust daisies, every woman present here today is a testament to strength, thriving even in harsh conditions. My wish for every lady here is that you not only thrive but also know that you can conquer the most formidable challenges."

As the day ended, it was clear: just like daisies in the wild, women in construction are here to stay. They will continue to bloom, constructing a future even more vibrant and grand, in a field where their roots are growing deeper and stronger.

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