Revving up for success: Deruk and Ulrich's progress with CASE Construction by their side

March 22, 2024
Revving Up for Success: Deruk and Ulrich's Progress with CASE

Following a year of thrilling races and remarkable achievements, Deruk (14) and Ulrich (11) van Aswegen, the dynamic duo of off-road motorcycle racing, are back with a bang for another exhilarating season. Sponsored once again by CASE Construction Equipment, these talented young athletes are ready to take on new challenges and conquer new terrains in 2024.

As the brothers gear up for another action-packed season, they reflect on their experiences thus far. "It's been a good year so far," shares Deruk. "We're participating in the GXCC, FarmJam, and National Cross Country races. All new to us, but we're really enjoying it."

"We have a lot to learn with Cross Country," admits Ulrich. "The races are 2 hours long, and we have to do laps for the whole duration. It is totally different from motocross, and we are still adapting." Their transition to Cross Country racing has led to increased fuel consumption, with up to 25 litres used on a race day compared to 10 litres during motocross events. Despite the challenges, the boys remain determined to overcome obstacles and excel in their new endeavour.

One of the highlights for the boys this year has been donning the new CASE Construction sponsored branded kit. "We helped with the design, the camo was our idea," says Ulrich proudly. "We are proud representatives of CASE Construction Equipment," adds Deruk, highlighting the sense of pride and ownership they feel as ambassadors for the brand.

Balancing racing commitments with other aspects of life, such as school and extracurricular activities, presents its own set of challenges. "This year to date, we have already travelled 3000km for racing only," says Ulrich, highlighting the commitment required for their sport. "This is difficult for us because we sometimes have to miss school," shares Deruk. "Then we have to catch up on our schoolwork." Ulrich adds, "I've missed a few rugby games, and Deruk is part of the Mountain Bike Team but can almost never do a race because they are also on weekends."

As they navigate the highs and lows of the racing season, Deruk and Ulrich continue to draw inspiration from their supportive family and the unwavering backing of CASE Construction Equipment. "It gives us a lot of confidence," says Deruk.

Meanwhile, their mother, Surika, reflects on the boys' progress and development. "We were sceptical when we first started moving over to Cross Country, but they really enjoy it," she shares. "The part that everyone sees, the racing in the shiny clothes and kits, that doesn't happen on its own. When no one is looking, they help maintain and clean the bikes. It is a lot of work."

Looking ahead, the boys remain focused on their goals and aspirations. "We both want to get podium finishes in at least one of the championships that we are competing in," says Deruk. With their sights set on success, Deruk and Ulrich are poised to continue their journey towards greatness.

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