Backhoe Loaders - Brand-New Backhoe Loaders from Case Construction

March 1, 2022

Brand-New Backhoe Loaders from Case Construction
Case Construction is one of the leading brands when it comes to construction and landscaping machines in South Africa. We offer an all-inclusive selection of machinery that covers skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, front-end loaders, crawler dozers, and excavators to only name a few. When you need heavy-duty machinery for the construction site, our range of brand-new construction vehicles is your answer. Today, we will focus on backhoe loaders and their functionality for your business.

The Functionality of a Backhoe Loader
Backhoe loaders are heavy-duty machines that comprise of a tractor-like body, fitted with a backhoe on the rear end of the vehicle and a bucket or shovel at the front end. Specifically designed and assembled for construction purposes, these machines are ideal for excavation purposes and earthmoving functions. When compared to other diggers, backhoe loaders are relatively small and able to traverse in tight and confined spaces, making them perfect for operations in suburban areas where larger machinery can possibly cause damage to buildings or walls while being operated. Therefore, these machines have a specific and unique place in your fleet of construction vehicles.

What Can I Expect from Case Construction Backhoe Loaders?
Our range of new backhoe loaders covers 4 distinct models to choose from. You can expect low emission levels from the 3,4-ℓ FPT engine that produces high levels of torque at relatively low rpm to limit carbon emissions during operations. This also reduces the overall maintenance needed on the power unit of the machine, making it last longer and delivering a cost-effective solution for owners. You can also expect a flexible bucket choice for our machines, with an interchangeable backhoe design to ensure that you have the ideal bucket size for your applications.

Time is money, and our backhoe loaders are designed to save time – with an integrated hydraulic quick coupler system that is patented to our machines. This optional extra allows the operator to change over the backhoe attachments from the comfort of the cabin itself, with the flip of a single switch. Along with this, the hydraulic side shift allows the operator to place and operate the backhoe from the cabin quickly and easily. Therefore, our selection of backhoe loaders will make a noticeable difference when working in tight and confined spaces.

Other Benefits of Our Backhoe Loaders
We design and manufacture our backhoe loaders with ease of access and maintenance in mind. As a result, you can expect safe and easy maintenance on these machines, with every primary checkpoint on the vehicle being accessible while standing on the ground next to the machine. The hood on the front of the vehicle tilts forward to reveal a simplistic and ideal layout of components to make it easy to replace parts and maintain the engine. Our machines are available with optional auto-ride control as well, offering 3 distinct settings to match specific work conditions.

When you need a new backhoe loader for your constriction company in South Africa, Case Construction is your first choice. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available machines and contact us directly with any enquiries today. Elevate your construction fleet with Case Construction in your corner.

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