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January 4, 2022

Your Supplier of CASE Backhoe Loaders in South Africa
The construction industry in South Africa has faced several unprecedented challenges over the past 2 years – with work delays causing major disruptions. Fortunately, 2022 looks promising and can be the year that your business thrives. If you need a supplier of heavy-duty construction vehicles, Case Construction is your first choice. We offer a wide range of machinery that includes backhoe loaders and several attachments for these vehicles. Therefore, you can get your hands on the equipment that you need to get the job done in fashionable time.

What is a Backhoe Loader?
Backhoe loaders are more commonly referred to as diggers or just backhoes in the construction industry. These heavy-duty machines are designed for a variety of applications, featuring a tractor-like body that is fitted with a loader-style bucket or shovel at the front end of the vehicle, and a backhoe on the rear end. Because of its relatively compact size in comparison to other heavy-duty construction vehicles, backhoe loaders are normally utilised in smaller construction project and urban engineering applications where larger machines are not feasible.

Our Range of Backhoe Loaders
When it comes to backhoe loaders, Case Construction offers our T-Series of heavy-duty machinery – consisting of 4 models to choose from. This series is powered by a 3,4-ℓ FPT engine that delivers high levels of power output and torque generation and low levels of carbon emissions. You also have the option to add Auto Ride Control, giving you 3 settings to suit different conditions. The driver cabins are comfortable and are specifically designed to optimise the all-round visibility for the operator, giving them a clear line of sight when operating either the front bucket or the backhoe.

The Case 570T backhoe loader is an ideal example of a versatile and compact digger that can be used in smaller spaces and on smaller construction projects. It can produce a maximum power output of 86 hp @ 2 200 rpm, and a maximum torque output of 393 Nm @ 1 300 rpm. If you need a more powerful backhoe loader, the 570ST model offers a power increase of 97 hp @2 200 rpm, with a maximum torque output of 420 Nm @ 1 400 rpm.

Our Range of Attachments
When you acquire one of our backhoe loaders, you will also have access to our wide range of attachments that are specifically designed for these machines. Our range of attachments for backhoe loaders includes quick couplers, buckets, forks, augers, sweepers, and grapples to only mention a few categories. Therefore, you can trust that we will have the ideal attachment to meet your specific needs. We also have a parts department that can see to your needs when your machine needs a replacement part.

Case Construction is your first choice in backhoe loaders, attachments, and parts for these vehicles. We also offer other new and used heavy-duty construction machinery. Please feel free to browse our website for details and brochures on our available machines and contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist your business throughout 2022.

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Backhoe Loaders
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