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July 11, 2023

Do you need an excavator for your construction fleet? CASE Construction is your first choice in South Africa! We supply a variety of construction fleet vehicles to choose from – including diggers, TLBs, and excavators to name a few. CASE Construction also has a dedicated parts and spares department to assist you when your CASE vehicle needs a replacement part. With CASE dealers scattered around the country, you can easily get your hands on our machines. Today, we talk about our range of excavators and what you can expect from these robust machines.

CASE Excavators
CASE excavators are built to deliver maximum productivity and fuel efficiency onsite. These machines are designed for high levels of performance and durability, and our selection ranges from 21 t to 29 t in capacity. Our excavators are ideal for urban, infrastructure, recycling, and quarrying applications. Offering excellent response to heavy loads, these machines are powered by turbocharged engines that deliver high levels of torque to generate more than enough power for the intended load. As a result, they are more fuel-efficient during operations as well.

Designed for Extended Operating Hours
CASE excavators feature a newly designed cabin structure to optimise operator comfort and extend operating hours to reduce the need for the operators to take a break. The new structure offers more leg room and foot space, with an extensive glass surface to give the operator the sense of aperture during operations. The cabin offers an ergonomic layout that features intuitive controls and a fully adjustable seat to guarantee that the operator sits comfortably during operations. The console can be adjusted to fit the operator perfectly, with a “return to preset” mode to suit multiple operators and their preferences.

Operating Costs and Productivity
The power unit in CASE excavators meets Tier III emissions regulations and is coupled with a large fuel tank to result in longer uptime before requiring a refuel. All filters and filling points are neatly grouped for easy access, while the radiator and cooler cores are mounted next to each other for more efficient cooling and easier cleaning solutions. These machines also feature an optional high-flow fuel pump with automatic cutoff functionality to reduce the required time to refuel during breaks.

CASE excavators feature 3 distinct power modes to match the specific task at hand. “A MODE” is designed for grading, lifting, and precision work; “H MODE” delivers a balanced power mode between productivity and fuel economy; and “SP MODE” offers extra speed and power to take care of the most demanding jobs and deliver maximum power output. These machines also feature an Auto Power Boost that automatically increases hydraulic pressure to deliver high breakout force, increased swing speed, and more swing torque to speed up cycle times.

When you need a quality excavator that can take care of earthmoving tasks in your construction fleet, CASE Construction is your answer in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and brochures on our available excavators and locate your nearest CASE dealer today to get your hands on our machines in 2023!

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