Your Supplier of Backhoe Loaders in Southern Africa - CASE

January 23, 2023

When your fleet of construction vehicles requires a quality TLB, CASE Construction is your first choice in South Africa! We offer a comprehensive range of construction vehicles that includes backhoe loaders for sale that are ideal for earthmoving and digging purposes. CASE Construction has been in the industry since 1842 – giving us almost 2 centuries of expertise and industry-leading knowledge to deliver to our customers.

The CASE Difference
CASE Construction’s range of backhoe loaders for sale differentiates itself from other brands by delivering optimal quality, performance, and safety features. Our TLB range is powered by FPT engines that deliver high power and torque density; while drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions and ensuring the lowest maintenance costs in the market. You can also expect industry-leading digging performance as a result of our flexible bucket choice for our TLB range.

Backhoe loaders are built on a tractor chassis, adding a backhoe to the rear end of the vehicle and a bucket at the front end. TLBs are useful when working in suburbs and more confined spaces where larger diggers could cause structural damage to surrounding buildings. CASE Construction’s selection of backhoe loaders for sale features our patented integrated hydraulic quick coupler as an optional extra to save valuable time and deliver more operational functionality from the cabin. Our backhoe loaders also feature a hydraulic side shift to allow for quick and easy backhoe placement.

The 570ST – The Definitive TLB

CASE Construction’s 570ST is your definitive choice in backhoe loaders for sale in South Africa. This TLB’s shape enhances its loading ability and operational capabilities to offer optimal performance and functionality on construction and digging sites. At its core, sits an FPT engine that produces 97 hp at 2 200 rpm and 420 Nm of torque at 1 400 rpm – resulting in reduced overall maintenance costs and fuel consumption. With a 15-ft backhoe and a high-flow pump, the 570ST delivers a 12% faster cycle during excavating or loading applications.

The 695SV – Optimised Operator Comfort
In our range of backhoe loaders for sale, the 695SV stands out as the premium choice when considering operator comfort. With a complete redesign that revolves around operator comfort, the 695SV provides a TLB that delivers a comfortable work environment and sufficient cabin space for the operator – making it an ideal choice for extended workdays.

The interior of the 695SV TLB features best-in-class storage capacity – with 2 lockable compartments, 2 cup holders, and a cooling box for all your drinks and snacks. The console also features a complete redesign to deliver a more ergonomic layout to reduce operator fatigue and imrpvoe operator comfort.

When you need a supplier of TLBs in South Africa, CASE Construction is your first choice! We offer a comprehensive selection of backhoe loaders for sale, along with other purpose-built construction machines, for your construction vehicle fleet. Please browse our website for details on our available vehicles and to locate your nearest dealer. Feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries and elevate your construction fleet in 2023 with CASE Construction on your side!

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