Your Supplier of CASE Skid Steer Loaders in South Africa

May 28, 2023

Does your construction fleet need a nimble and light earthmoving vehicle? CASE Construction offers a sensible range of skid steer loaders that are ideal for working in confined and limited spaces! Skid steer loaders are unique in the sense that they can change direction on a dime and fit in spaces where wheel loaders would simply be too big and could possibly cause structural damage to the surroundings. Today, we discuss our selection of CASE skid steer loaders and what you can expect from our range of flagship vehicles.

What is a Skid Steer Loader?
Skid steer loaders are earthmoving vehicles that sit on a forklift chassis – allowing these vehicles to operate in close quarters with ease. Skid steer refers to the method on which these vehicles change direction. With fixed wheels, the left side and right side of the wheel axles operate independently to allow for immediate change of direction. When the operator turns their steering wheel to the left, for example, the left wheels rotate backwards, and the right wheel rotate forwards to turn the vehicle to its left side without needing any forward or backward driving input.

CASE Skid Steer Loaders
CASE Construction’s range of skid steer loaders is known for power and productivity – exceeding expectations and giving our customers a bullet-proof option for construction, plant hire, and agriculture applications. Our skid steer loaders offer excellent responses to loads and feature turbocharged engines to generate ample amounts of torque at low rpm. These vehicles are capable of excellent dump and lift heights and angles for fast and efficient material dumping applications.

Skid Steer Loader Features
Our skid steer loaders offer best-in-class stability – sitting on a long wheelbase that delivers optimal weight distribution to ensure stable lift and dump during operations. These vehicles offer optimised cabin comfort as well, featuring flat floors for easy cabin entrance and exit for operators. Along with ergonomic joysticks, the cabin is designed to decrease operator fatigue and maximise operating times between breaks. From the cabin, the operator enjoys an excellent all-round visibility viewpoint – utilising large windows for good visibility on the bucket’s edges and a good view on the rear of the vehicle.

The CASE SV300B is one of our flagship skid steer loaders – featuring a 3,2-ℓ turbocharged engine that produces 90 hp and a maximum of 340 Nm of torque at only 1 400 rpm. This skid steer loader offers smart access to its battery and drain hoses, allowing for quicker servicing and maintenance. This vehicle has a 50% related operating capacity (ROC) of 1 360 kg that increases to 1 450 kg with counterweights. Its tipping load is 2 722 kg to ensure that this skid steer loader can handle a sensible load of materials while on site.

CASE Construction is your first choice when you need a supplier of CASE skid steer loaders in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website to locate your nearest CASE dealer and for details on our available skid steer loaders to serve your construction needs in 2023.

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