Grading Box - Laser

  • Creates highly precise finish grades to within 1/10th of an inch
  • Push-pull design grades moving forward and in reverse to utilize the maneuverability of SSL or CTL and increase productivity
  • Front wheel location provides stability, resulting in a smoother grading operation and surface
  • Hydraulic valve system adjusts grading box, providing operators with smooth and accurate performance in even the toughest environments
  • Composite, greaseless bushings in all pivot points
  • Reversible and replaceable cutting edge on all sides; main edges are hinged to allow better penetration when digging
  • Large mirror allows operator to view spoil and material in front of box
  • Foam-filled tires for flat-free operation
  • Universal skid steer mount compatible
  • Connect-under-pressure flat face quick couplers
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Compatible with Site Control laser control panel, receivers and beacons
  • Single or dual mast options - single mast for automated elevation only; dual mast for automated elevation and cross-slope

How it works:

  • A rotating laser is set for desired grade; the rotating beam of laser light is read by the laser receiver(s) which is mounted to the mast pole
  • The beam’s location is sent to the control panel which interprets where the beam of light is, in relation to grade
  • The control panel then tells the hydraulic valve to adjust the grading box up or down to keep the receiver(s) on grade


  • Concrete subgrade
  • Athletic fields
  • Parking lots, driveways and sidewalks
  • Golf course tee boxes and cart paths
  • Equestrian riding arenas and rings
  • Outdoor tennis and basketball courts
  • Other fine grading applications for general excavation, pole barn and storage facility construction

Compatible Equipments

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