Guard Kits for Front Window

  • Provides additional layer of protection for the front window from flying debris
  • Tubular frame for added strength
  • Bolt on design for quick and easy installation (average installation time: two hours)
  • 6" spacer to allow easy access to the windshield
  • Welded tabs for added strength
  • High strength 10.8 class bolts
  • Crimped woven mesh gives you longer life (¼" wire, 2" x 2" mesh)
  • LEXAN sheet versions available for added protection (½" thick)
  • Steel components are powder coated to protect from corrosion
  • Includes detailed installation instructions and drawings
  • One year/2,000 hour warranty
  • Window guards are intended to protect window/glass, and are not certified ROPS guards; and do not meet OSHA Level 2 standards


  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Land clearing/maintenance

Compatible Equipments

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