Tree Spade

  • Designed for production tree harvesting, nursery applications and landscaping
  • Low profile blade towers to allow machine to fit between closely planted trees
  • High strength “T1” steel blade material
  • Overlapping blades to clear cut roots
  • Adjustable blade slides to maintain alignment
  • Adjustable blade depth control legs
  • Wide gate opening to clear trees easily
  • Produces round balls that actually fit wire baskets available from many vendors
  • Straight blade design has less resistance in penetrating soil
  • Inside frame allows work in tight areas
  • Blade towers use high density plastic sides to eliminate greasing
  • Produce several uniform ball sizes with 1 set of blades
  • Inside frame style allows compressing tree ball in the basket

Compatible Equipments

Your CASE equipment is the platform - your attachments make the difference in how much work you win and how profitable your machine is.