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Motor Graders

Performance and Productivity

CASE is always investing in technology, innovations and much more comfort for the operator. Everything for you to get the best machine operational yield. Therefore, the 800B Series Motor Graders innovations feature the most modern technological and ergonomic concepts, in addition to having the low maintenance cost. This means high profitability, performance and productivity for your work.

A great fit for:
  • Agriculture
  • Government / Municipalities
    Government / Municipalities
  • Non-Residential Construction
    Non-Residential Construction
  • Rental
  • Residential Construction
    Residential Construction
  • Roads & Bridges
    Roads & Bridges
  • Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
  • Waste/Scrap
  • Mining
CASE Product Line
CASE Product Line
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More power and savings

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The 800B Series Motor Graders use an electronic, Common Rail, turbocharged, high performance, low consumption, low contaminant emission, Tier 3-certified engine that is very easy to maintain. Additionally, they are VHP (Variable Horse Power) engines, featuring electronic power adjustment, which can be automatically selected according to the applied speed.

Flexibility for greater efficiency

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All models are equipped with torque converter transmission, with Lock-up, which work with two functions. With the disengaged Lock-up, the machines works with the torque converter; and, when it is engaged, it works as Direct Drive. Both functions feature electronic speed shift controls, being six speeds forward, and three reverse.

Robustness for operations

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The 800B Series Motor Grader axles assure robustness and higher traction transfer capacity to the ground. The front axle features a welded steel structure with high resistance cast parts. Its straight geometry provides a 580 mm free span throughout its entire length.



ROPS/FOPS cab, with rounded design and greater glazed area, allowing for more visibility on all directions.


Central blade with, involute, curved profile, which allows effortless cutting.


With the towing bar and the chassis circle, you have much more stability, and the maximum blade turning yield.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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