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Wheel Loaders 1021G

Net power
270 hp | 201 kW

Wheel Loaders 1121G

Net power
293 hp | 218 kW

Wheel Loaders 621E

Net power
137 hp | 102 kW

Wheel Loaders 621G

Net power
151 hp | 113 kW

Wheel Loaders 721E

Net power
183 hp | 137 kW

Wheel Loaders 721G

Net power
179 hp | 133 kW

Wheel Loaders 821E

Net power
213 hp | 159 kW

Wheel Loaders 821G

Net power
206 hp | 153 kW

Wheel Loaders 921G

Net power
224 hp | 167 kW

Wheel Loaders W20G

Net power
142 hp | 106 kW


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