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Modelos Anteriores

Wheel Loaders


Um modelo compacto e ágil

CASE Wheel Loaders are the most evolved ones in the market. The 521D model, compact and agile, offers excellent traction, large power, high lifting capacity, silent operation, and low fuel consumption. Additionally, it has unique comfort features.

A great fit for:
  • Agriculture
  • Government / Municipalities
    Government / Municipalities
  • Non-Residential Construction
    Non-Residential Construction
  • Aggregates
  • Rental
  • Residential Construction
    Residential Construction
  • Roads & Bridges
    Roads & Bridges
  • Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
  • Utilities
  • Waste/Scrap
  • Mining



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  • TILTING HOOD assures greater ease of maintenance.

  • AXLES equipped with anti-skating device assure optimum traction on any terrain with the lowest possible tire wear.

  • CAB COMFORT AND ERGONOMICS provide the operator with a more productive working day.

  • POWERSHIFT 4x3 TRANSMISSION, it can be operated on automatic or manual modes.

  • GEAR REDUCTION SYSTEM (kick down) for entering into the material pile.

  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM with variable flow pump assures the least fuel consumption (smart system).


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Engine power - Gross (SAE J1995) 110hp
Engine torque – Gross (SAE J1995) 481Nm
Bucket capacity - standard 2,5 yd³
Toppling load - Straight 7,698 kg
Toppling load – 40º articulated 6,488 kg
Lifting capacity at maximum height 5,514 kg
Bucket reach at 2.13 m height – discharge at 45° 1,443 mm
Discharge reach at maximum height 1,057mm
Turning radius – outer tire side 5,483 mm
Height up to bucket articulation 3,605 mm
Rear axle oscillation 24º
Bucket breakout force 8,795 kgf
Main pumps / Total flow 134 l/min
Operational weight 9,799 kg
Transmission Type Powershift
Front and rear differential with anti-skating device Yes

Standard Equipment

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  • Open ROPS/FOPS cab.
  • Start with key.
  • Articulated hydraulic steering wheel with adjustable column.
  • Fully adjustable suspension vinyl seat.
  • Foot-operated accelerator.
  • Loader command lever with wrist rest.
  • Cup holder.
  • Hanger.
  • Internal rearview mirrors.
  • Safety belt.
  • Object storage tray behind the seat.
  • Lunchbox fixture strap.
  • Gear lever F / N / R.
  • Steering wheel with handle.
  • Windshield wiper.
  • Working lights.
  • Antiskidding floor.


  • Diesel Cummins 4TAA-3.9.
  • Turbocharged.
  • Automatic fan belt stretching device.
  • Integrated engine oil cooling system.
  • Fuel filter with water collection.
  • Air filter with double element.
  • 45 A alternator.
  • (2) 12 V 700 CCA batteries.


  • 4 wheel drive.
  • Transmission with manual or automatic shift option, wit 4 speeds forward, and 3 reverse.
  • Electronic programmable control module.
  • Proportional, computer-controlled speed shift with programmable speed selection.
  • Onboard diagnosis system.
  • Electronic speed shift control with one lever.
  • F / N / R shift at the loader control lever.
  • Speed reduction button.
  • Torque converter.
  • External planetary axles.
  • Differentials with limited displacement device.
  • Transmission oil cooling system.
  • Transmission uncoupling by actuating the brake pedal.
  • Hydraulic oil bath disc brakes.
  • Spring-loaded and hydraulically-released parking brake.
  • Limp-Home Mode.
  • Rear axle articulation with permanent lubrication.


  • Loader control valve with two hydraulic functions.
  • Great angle and amplified flow direction system.
  • Quick diagnosis couplings.


  • 17.5 x 25 12 plies L2 single piece, 14” rim.


  • Front and rear fenders.
  • Lights: 2 front headlights (high/low beam), 2 front spotlights, 2 rear tail/brake lights and reverse gear light, 2 rear spotlights.
  • Front and rear direction and emergency indicators.
  • Counterweight.
  • Towing bar coupling.
  • Articulation locking bar.
  • Lifting arm locking bar.
  • Front/rear mooring points.
  • Reverse speed alarm.
  • Remote drain points.
  • Cigarette lighter (24 Volts).
  • Rotary beacon.
  • Platform and steps – right-hand side.
  • Cup and object holder.


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  • ROPS/FOPS closed cab.
  • Air filtering, pressurized.
  • Color-gradient windshield and sunshade.
  • Demister.
  • Mechanic suspension cloth lined seat.
  • Side window with partial/full opening.
  • Cab ceiling light.
  • Intermittent front and rear wipers.
  • Front and rear windshield washers.
  • Rubber mat.
  • Suspension cloth-lined seat.
  • Retractable 2” (51 mm) safety belt.
  • Noise suppression kit.
  • Cab heating system.
  • Air conditioning/heater.
  • Radio.
  • Prepared for receiving radio (12 Volts).
  • Auxiliary power (12 Volts).
  • Cigarette lighter (24 Volts).
  • Rotary beacon.
  • Platform and steps – right-hand side.
  • Cup and object holder.


  • Auxiliary winter start device.


  • XT loader tool carrier arms.
  • Hydraulic quick coupling for accessories.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system for implements.


  • Auxiliary hydraulic system for quick-coupling.
  • Ride Control system.
  • 3 or 4 hydraulic function valves: 3 functions controlled by means of 3 levers / 4 functions controlled by means of “joystick” plus 2 levers.


  • 17.5 x 25 12 plies L3.
  • 17.5 x 25 16 plies L3.


  • Tool box.
  • Right-hand side steps.
  • Bucket wear shoes.
  • Blade teeth and segments.
  • Rotary beacon.
  • Side covers and drain protection covers.
  • 65A alternator.
  • Pallet forks.
  • Buckets.
  • Quick coupling.
  • Anti-vandalism kit.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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