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two accolades at CSR Times Awards

We collected two accolades at CSR Times Awards 2023!

  • Published Fri Sep 1, 2023

The CSR Times Awards 2023, held on 21st August celebrated outstanding contributions in the realm of corporate social responsibility. This prestigious event saw a convergence of innovative initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development and uplifting communities. Our New Holland and CASE Construction Equipment brands were recognized for their impactful projects, highlighting their commitment to both livelihood enhancement and environmental preservation.

New Holland clinched the coveted "CSR Times Gold Award" under the Sustainable Development Category for their remarkable project "Sustainable Environment Solution." This groundbreaking initiative staunchly addresses the issue of crop stubble burning – a menace that significantly contributes to air pollution, soil degradation and destruction of environment. The project is quite impactful, and operates across 16 locations in 8 states to create awareness & curb the harmful practice of stubble burning. By advocating sustainable straw management solutions and providing farmers with innovative tools such as rakes and balers, over 2 million tons of paddy straw were repurposed instead of being incinerated between 2017 and 2022. This monumental effort has not only reduced carbon emissions but has also positively impacted farmer livelihoods by introducing eco-friendly income generating alternatives. Kavita Sah, Head CSR, India who also led this initiative received the award. On the same stage, CASE earned the "Silver Award" under the Livelihood Category for their laudable project "Hunar & LEAD." This initiative holds the power to reshape the lives of unemployed youths by imparting essential employability skills.

The project provides intensive training to unemployed youth as Junior Backhoe Loader Operator at their dedicated training center in Pithampur, complete with residential facilities. A remarkable feature of the program is its commitment to facilitating employment in organized & unorganized sectors or self-employment opportunities for at least 70% of the trained youths. The LEAD (Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Awareness Development) initiative, to nurture entrepreneurial spirit among rural youth. Through training and guidance, CASE CE aims to foster a network of local micro-entrepreneurs for allied agricultural activities & rural infrastructure projects to help them contribute to their communities economically while forging their paths to success. Puneet Vidyarthi, Brand Marketing, CASE, India was present along with Kavita Sah, Head CSR, India to accept the award.

The impact of these initiatives is immeasurable. The "Hunar" project has skillfully trained 242 individuals, facilitating placement opportunities for 137 trainees who now earn sustainable salaries. This ripple effect translates into the well-being of 242 families and more than 1000 family members. On the other hand, the "LEAD" initiative has reached out to 1352 villages, engaging with 19,623 rural youths. Among them, 10,000 individuals have expressed interest in launching their micro-enterprises, reflecting the success of the program in promoting local entrepreneurship. These awards underscore the commitment of New Holland and CASE CE to drive positive change at both grassroots and ecological levels. Their dedication to sustainable practices, livelihood enhancement, and community empowerment resonates strongly with the evolving landscape of corporate responsibility. As the CSR Times Awards continue to honor impactful endeavors, these projects stand as beacons of inspiration, guiding others toward a more sustainable and equitable future.


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