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C-Series Ekskavator Perayap

C-Series Ekskavator Perayap

Thanks to advanced design and engineering, CASE excavators deliver maximum productivity and fuel efficiency. CASE excavators range from 8 to 80 metric tons. These excavators are designed for high performance and durability. Whatever your job, CASE has an excavator that is right for you.

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Crawler Excavators DNA

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Crawler Excavators DNA


The upper-structure, redesigned to match the hydraulic performance, ensures CASE legendary durability and reliability even in the toughest conditions. Boom and dipper feature forged brackets and reduced tolerances for increased component life minimizing downtime. Resin side shims on boom and dipper contribute to lower wear and service intervals. The synthetic hydraulic filter reduces system contamination, cutting service costs and boosting machine longevity.

Low Operating Costs

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The powerful engine on CASE machine grants reduced fuel consumption. A large fuel tank, combined with low consumption, results in more than a 2-day work period between refills. The Extended Maintenance System grants longer greasing intervals on all pins compared to competition. All filters and regular fill points are grouped for easy access. Radiator and cooler cores are mounted side by side for more efficient cooling and easy access for cleaning. Optional high flow refueling pump with automatic cut off reduces downtime for regular fills.


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The familiar working mode systems offers 3 power modes to match different customer needs.

A MODE: for grading, lifting and precision work.
H MODE: the best balance between productivity and fuel economy.
SP MODE:  extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity.

Auto Power boost: automatically increases hydraulic pressure according to the operation’s demands. The advanced hydraulic system delivers high breakout force, high swing speeds and great swing torque, resulting in faster cycle times.  The electronic management of speed and power lowers fuel consumption and offers considerable productivity benefits in terms of outputs.

Comfort Rules

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The widen cab structure offers more leg and foot space, while the extensive glass surface contributes to give an impression of aperture to the operator. Ergonomic layout, intuitive controls and a seat that lays flat ensures optimum comfort for all operators. Additionally, the viscous fluid cab mountings and top quality insulation lead to a stress and fatigue reduction for the operator, boosting productivity and performance. Four positions consoles with return to pre-set modes will suit operators of all sizes and needs.

Safety and Maintenance

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All round visibility in the cab is provided by a wide glazed area with single-piece window on the right hand side for unobstructed view. The frame structure has three times the structural rigidity of previous models, reducing noise and vibration for the operator. An adjustable control console with ergonomic design makes it easier to choose the correct operating mode, increasing comfort and safety.

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