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Features: why SiteWatch?

With SiteWatch you enjoy all the benefits of centralized fleet control at your fingertips, so you can:

Challenge your Total Cost of Ownership!

SiteWatch saves you time

Enjoy better security and lower insurance premium

Using SiteWatch

What is Telematics?

Telematics is the integrated use of telecommunications and information processing. The hardware module collects data from a machine’s systems and transmits the information over the air so it can be reviewed remotely.

Does SiteWatch™ telematics provide coverage throughout across Europe?

Can SiteWatch™ be retrofitted to existing or older CASE machines? What about competitive machines?

Can I equip my fleet of service vehicles with SiteWatch™?

Can SiteWatch™ monitor an attachment such as a hammer on the machine?

Is there a difference between the factory-fit or aftermarket installation?

Can access to the machine’s data be transferred from one customer to another?

What training is required to use SiteWatch™?

Can a dealer see the data of a customer’s machine on the SiteWatch™ portal?

How do I access the SiteWatch™ portal?

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