The CX17D digger 1.7 ton is part of the CASE Construction Equipment D-Series Mini Excavators and will end your search for a 1.7 ton digger for sale. This mini digger can handle an operating weight of 1690 kg for canopy version and 1800 kg for cab version and uses a YANMAR 3TNV70 - STAGE 5 engine that can power up to 15.4hp. The CX17D is considered one of the most compact mini excavators of the D-Series.


Weight with rubber tracks
1800 kg - Cab version
Digging Depth

2020 mm

Explore the Features

  • This 1.75 ton digger can be offered in the cab or canopy version, it has rubber tracks and can deliver a digging depth of up to 2200mm. It is a popular choice for busy urban and infrastructure sites with high traffic or sites with other equipment types present. The CX17D mini excavator, like other D-series mini excavators, has been designed to meet European customers’ needs. 

    To ensure agility and manoeuvrability at ease even in confined spaces, the CX17D is a zero-tail swing model. We strive to innovate practical solutions with the end goal of increasing productivity. From this approach stems high technology features such as hydraulic flow settings, and up to 3 auxiliary circuits that can be paired with a vast variety of quick couplers and attachments, rendering the CX17D extremely versatile in its applications.

    The CX17D 1.7 ton mini digger can be equipped with CASE SiteWatch and SiteConnect services, a range of after-sales services that support your experience with CASE Equipment. In order to be compliant with the progressively more stringent environmental requirements in various European countries and cities, the CASE CX17D mini excavator is compatible with bio hydraulic oil and lubricants, which is in fact offered as the ex-factory option. To explore this 1.7 ton mini digger, consult the spec sheet.
    Let’s learn all about the features and their benefits in further detail.

    • Front Protection grid (Level 2)
    • Arm cylinder and bucket cylinder protection
    • Vast variety of attachments
    • Full range of Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers
    • Full range of Buckets

Standard Equipment

  • Tiltable Cab/Canopy (ROPS/TOPS - FOPS Level 1)
  • Heating
  • Automatic Courtesy light
  • Electric plug on the roof for Rotating Beacon
  • Windshield washer
  • Rear-view mirrors (left, right)
  • Fabric seat with Mechanical suspension (cab)
  • Vynil seat with Mechanical suspension (canopy)
  • Standard arm
  • Boom Lift cylinder and dozer blade cylinder protection
  • Standard counterweight
  • Pedal Swing control
  • 1st Auxiliary (AUX1) circuit with Pedal control
  • AUX1 circuit maximum flow mechanical setting
  • Mechanical diverter between Single effect and Double effect AUX1
  • 2 speed travel with Automatic Shift Down (from 2nd to 1st gear if more traction is required) and Shift-up
  • Rubber tracks
  • Standard Dozer Blade
  • Extendable undercarriage
  • Operator manual
  • Ignition key, which opens every machine lock
  • Standard LED working lights (boom)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Variable Volume Pump
  • Standard Hydraulic oil and Lubricants

Optional Equipment


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